Ever heard of the Bay of Kotor?  It’s where the little black heart is.map.jpg
This was merely on the drive to Kotor.kotor_montenegro_travel_0001kotor_montenegro_travel_0002Upon arrival, we discovered it to be every bit as stunning as it was hyped up to be.kotor_montenegro_travel_0003Our introductory-evening seafood salad in the old town was surprisingly full of flavor.kotor_montenegro_travel_0004We opted to hike up the mountain fairly early in the am as the heat in these parts was pretty intense.kotor_montenegro_travel_0005kotor_montenegro_travel_0006kotor_montenegro_travel_0007It sure was beautiful!kotor_montenegro_travel_0008kotor_montenegro_travel_0009We came up the back way and crawled through that wee hole.kotor_montenegro_travel_0010kotor_montenegro_travel_0011kotor_montenegro_travel_0012kotor_montenegro_travel_0013kotor_montenegro_travel_0014kotor_montenegro_travel_0015Once at the top, we caught our breath and sat down to take in the view. Sailboats, yachts and cruise ships are constantly coming in and out of the beautiful bay.kotor_montenegro_travel_0016kotor_montenegro_travel_0017kotor_montenegro_travel_0018Good’n’sweaty, we went home for a change of clothes and a shower. We put in a few hours of work and later returned to tour the old town.kotor_montenegro_travel_0019kotor_montenegro_travel_0020That evening, we sat on someone’s dock and watched the sun go down.kotor_montenegro_travel_0021kotor_montenegro_travel_0022kotor_montenegro_travel_0023kotor_montenegro_travel_0024kotor_montenegro_travel_0025kotor_montenegro_travel_0026kotor_montenegro_travel_0027kotor_montenegro_travel_0028Seriously – how does it get any better?kotor_montenegro_travel_0029kotor_montenegro_travel_0030kotor_montenegro_travel_0031kotor_montenegro_travel_0032kotor_montenegro_travel_0033kotor_montenegro_travel_0034kotor_montenegro_travel_0035kotor_montenegro_travel_0036kotor_montenegro_travel_0037Kotor, you were amaze-Zing.


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