Tirana is the capital city of Albania. Like the rest of the country, it’s pretty random. Here are a few of the things that caught my eye.tirana_albania_travel_0118tirana_albania_travel_0119tirana_albania_travel_0120tirana_albania_travel_0121tirana_albania_travel_0122tirana_albania_travel_0123tirana_albania_travel_0124tirana_albania_travel_0125tirana_albania_travel_0126tirana_albania_travel_0127tirana_albania_travel_0128tirana_albania_travel_0129tirana_albania_travel_0130tirana_albania_travel_0131tirana_albania_travel_0132The living conditions are a little less than luxurious in some areas.tirana_albania_travel_0133tirana_albania_travel_0134Diggin’ the slip tanks hanging out on the side of the buildings.tirana_albania_travel_0135I do find their attempts to make the communist buildings more colorful quite cute.tirana_albania_travel_0136tirana_albania_travel_0137tirana_albania_travel_0138tirana_albania_travel_0139tirana_albania_travel_0140

We spent about 2 days in Tirana. We ate pizza at a truly authentic, greasy Albanian pizza shop. We drove our rental through the most sketchy roundabouts of my life. We walked. And walked. And walked. We chatted to some of the friendly locals (they were all super nice). And then we hit the road. On to Montenegro.


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