Albanian Riviera

We finally arrived to the coast and found the beautiful sunshine we were looking for! The drive itself was really quite somethin’. From Vlorë south it was one hairpin curve after another and nothing short of amazing. We climbed and climbed in our little rental wagon, eventually turning a corner and stumbling upon this…

albania_travel_0059 albania_travel_0060
We were literally higher than the clouds.albania_travel_0061 albania_travel_0062 albania_travel_0063 albania_travel_0064 albania_travel_0065
You can’t see it so well in the photos but it is a crazy feeling to see clouds below, with the blue water looking like it’s part of the sky.
albania_travel_0066 albania_travel_0067
We decided it’d be a good place to stop for a bite. albania_travel_0068
And the food wasn’t disappointing. Greek salad. albania_travel_0069
And a deelish seafood risotto.albania_travel_0070
We spent the next couple days exploring some of the beaches (which we had almost entirely to ourselves), hanging around the hotel pool, eating seafood, and working in the evenings. albania_travel_0071  albania_travel_0073 albania_travel_0074 albania_travel_0075 albania_travel_0076 albania_travel_0077
Turns out, treading water with a selfie stick isn’t as easy as one might think.albania_travel_0078 albania_travel_0079albania_travel_0072
Seafood pizza.
Seafood pasta.
Another day, another beach.
albania_travel_0082 albania_travel_0083 albania_travel_0084
And another plate of seafood!
The funny thing about the Albanian Riviera (the region we were at anyways) is that during the day, there is no power. No power whatsoever. They are in the process of upgrading all of the electrical systems throughout this mountainous area and therefore, the whole area is without power every day from about 830am to 6 or 7pm. You’d think people would hook themselves up with a generator to keep things happenin’ but nope – not our hotel. My big plan was to work in the am, sun in the afternoon, chill in the evening…but such is life. Plans are made to be changed! albania_travel_0086 albania_travel_0087 albania_travel_0088
Definitely enjoyed this poolside view.
albania_travel_0089 albania_travel_0090
And the foooood! Of course. albania_travel_0091 albania_travel_0092 albania_travel_0093 albania_travel_0094 albania_travel_0095 albania_travel_0096 albania_travel_0097 albania_travel_0098 albania_travel_0099 albania_travel_0100
Perfect, white pebble beaches with no one to enjoy them but us! albania_travel_0101 albania_travel_0102 albania_travel_0103 albania_travel_0104albania_travel_0109 albania_travel_0105  albania_travel_0107 albania_travel_0108albania_travel_0111
You can see Corfu, Greece off in the distance there! Albania shares water with Greece and Croatia but is a bit cheaper and a lot less busy.
albania_travel_0110albania_travel_0115  albania_travel_0112 albania_travel_0113 albania_travel_0114  albania_travel_0116
This was part way up the mountain, heading North for Montenegro and Croatia. albania_travel_0117
Next up: a pit stop in Tirana, Albania.




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