Guys, I’m feeling ultra-ultra-lazy so I’m going to share with you what Wikipedia says about Ohrid:

“Ohrid is a small resort city on the hilly shores of Lake Ohrid in the southwest of the Republic of Macedonia. In the city’s compact old town, medieval churches, monasteries and open-air ruins stand alongside traditional houses with red-tiled roofs.”

I feel like that describes it much better than I can. It really is a quaint and beautiful village. This was our view from the balcony of our guesthouse.

ohrid_macedonia_travel_0001Unfortunately the next morning we woke up to a rainstorm. This was a river-front property where we had a super-average breakfast (a cold pancake and a cappuccino with whipped cream on it – who puts whipped cream on a cappuccino?! blech. I love whipped cream but that is just one place it doesn’t belong). It was crazy to see all the algae piled up on this poor patio, and to watch a few loose boards fly up any time the waves were too strong.ohrid_macedonia_travel_0002ohrid_macedonia_travel_0003The place was really cute though. ohrid_macedonia_travel_0004ohrid_macedonia_travel_0005We decided to work away indoors til the storm passed, which it finally did in the late afternoon. We went for a lovely stroll in the sunshine. ohrid_macedonia_travel_0006ohrid_macedonia_travel_0007Just LOVE all the shades of blue going on here.ohrid_macedonia_travel_0008ohrid_macedonia_travel_0009ohrid_macedonia_travel_0011ohrid_macedonia_travel_0012ohrid_macedonia_travel_0013ohrid_macedonia_travel_0014ohrid_macedonia_travel_0015ohrid_macedonia_travel_0016ohrid_macedonia_travel_0010ohrid_macedonia_travel_0017ohrid_macedonia_travel_0018ohrid_macedonia_travel_0019ohrid_macedonia_travel_0020ohrid_macedonia_travel_0021ohrid_macedonia_travel_0022Photographers will get me on this: don’t you love it when someone offers to take your photo and then they grab it and think they’re being super creative by zooming in and out and running to capture you at all sorts of angles…and you just sit there thinking “oh dang, it’s still on manual focus, oh buddy that zoom is gonna mess up the exposure”… haha. Highly entertaining and it happens a lot. Ya can’t blame them for wanting to help though!ohrid_macedonia_travel_0023ohrid_macedonia_travel_0024An ancient theater where gladiators fought. ohrid_macedonia_travel_0025There were so many tiny side streets and typical old-town sites that I should’ve/could’ve captured. But sometimes I just don’t feel as motivated snap as others. I can’t explain why certain cities just hit me right and others…don’t quite grab me in the same way. We heard tons of amazing reviews about Ohrid from various people throughout our travels so I feel like it might’ve just been an off-day or two for me (not that it was bad – I just wasn’t over the top in love with it). Plus we weren’t there long enough to give it a good shot. We could’ve spent more time there but we kinda wanted to get to the Alabanian coast so we kept on moving.ohrid_macedonia_travel_0027We headed towards Albania, making a quick stop in the nearby town of Struga on the way.ohrid_macedonia_travel_0028ohrid_macedonia_travel_0029ohrid_macedonia_travel_0030

It’s always the places that you least expect, that you’ve heard the least about… that end up blowing you away the most … Next Up: Adorable Berat, Albania.


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