Matka Canyon

On our way to Ohrid (another town/city in Macedonia) we stopped at Matka Canyon. matka_canyon_macedonia_travel_0001I was kind of expecting a basic lake with a few kayaks we could rent, but once again we did zero research so it ended up being a little adventure. We could’ve followed the mobs of people in their Sunday best taking the paved trail on the right, but we decided to veer left. Resultingly, we ended up on a fairly good long-ish hike.matka_canyon_macedonia_travel_0005 I was glad I changed out of my flippy-floppies for this one. matka_canyon_macedonia_travel_0006When we finally arrived at the top, there was a cute little rest area for hikers. I loved the Macedonian flag (they’re at least a little more creative than most other countries) so it was cool to see it painted on this wooden shack.matka_canyon_macedonia_travel_0007matka_canyon_macedonia_travel_0008matka_canyon_macedonia_travel_0009These picnic huts were right on the edge of the cliff, boasting some wonderful views.matka_canyon_macedonia_travel_0010matka_canyon_macedonia_travel_0011matka_canyon_macedonia_travel_0012matka_canyon_macedonia_travel_0013matka_canyon_macedonia_travel_0014matka_canyon_macedonia_travel_0015After a rest and some chats with some friendly locals, we clambered down the mountain and hitched a boat ride across to the mini-village.matka_canyon_macedonia_travel_0016matka_canyon_macedonia_travel_0017matka_canyon_macedonia_travel_0018matka_canyon_macedonia_travel_0019matka_canyon_macedonia_travel_0020matka_canyon_macedonia_travel_0021matka_canyon_macedonia_travel_0022matka_canyon_macedonia_travel_0023This picture makes it all look pretty small but there was a surprising amount of people in here (mostly locals).matka_canyon_macedonia_travel_0024matka_canyon_macedonia_travel_0025matka_canyon_macedonia_travel_0026After some snacks, we rented a couple kayaks and went for a whirl.matka_canyon_macedonia_travel_0027matka_canyon_macedonia_travel_0028We learned that we are not very good at working together when it comes to kayaking (he complains that I spray him and I complain that he doesn’t paddle in sync – haha). I swear it is much easier alone!matka_canyon_macedonia_travel_0029Regardless of our poor kayaking skills, we loved rolling down the river surrounded by these gorgeous mountains. I’d highly recommend Canyon Matka if any of you are visiting the Skopje area.matka_canyon_macedonia_travel_0030


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