Rila Monastery

Tucked away in the mountains of Bulgaria…rila_monastery_bulgaria_travel_0001Is this. Rila Monastery. On our way to Macedonia, we decided to detour an hour or so into the mountains to find it. Definitely the most funked up religious building I’ve ever seen.rila_monastery_bulgaria_travel_0002The contrast of the stripes and all the colors is pretty snazzy.rila_monastery_bulgaria_travel_0003rila_monastery_bulgaria_travel_0004rila_monastery_bulgaria_travel_0005rila_monastery_bulgaria_travel_0006rila_monastery_bulgaria_travel_0007It makes me think that we need to add some pizazz to our buildings back home. We’re so boring.rila_monastery_bulgaria_travel_0008rila_monastery_bulgaria_travel_0009On the drive back to the main road, we made a few random stops. One was at this dam.rila_monastery_bulgaria_travel_0010rila_monastery_bulgaria_travel_0011rila_monastery_bulgaria_travel_0012rila_monastery_bulgaria_travel_0013Another at these waterfalls in the distance.rila_monastery_bulgaria_travel_0014rila_monastery_bulgaria_travel_0015rila_monastery_bulgaria_travel_0016rila_monastery_bulgaria_travel_0017Another to capture these a-stinkin-dorable mountain villages.rila_monastery_bulgaria_travel_0018rila_monastery_bulgaria_travel_0019rila_monastery_bulgaria_travel_0020rila_monastery_bulgaria_travel_0021rila_monastery_bulgaria_travel_0022And another for part of our travel film. We try to do one signature scene at each place and we’re hoping to put em all together at the end.rila_monastery_bulgaria_travel_0023I love the vines/ivy growing all over the place.rila_monastery_bulgaria_travel_0024rila_monastery_bulgaria_travel_0025After Rila, we crossed the border and made tracks to Skopje.


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