Slavinja Grlo

On our way to Sofia, we did a detour in hopes of finding a beautiful canyon that I’d pinned on Pinterest. Turns out, it’s extremely off the tourist track. But that was ok with us! We followed endless winding roads, coming through a few beautiful mountain towns like this…slavinja_grlo_serbia_0001(My photos at the same altitude really don’t do it justice. It was adorable.)slavinja_grlo_serbia_0002slavinja_grlo_serbia_0003The only person we saw was an old man, herding his goats on the mountain-side. We tried, but failed, to have a conversation with him in hand gestures.slavinja_grlo_serbia_0004We had become leary of following Google’s suggestions exactly … so when it told us to turn off onto what looked like another rough cow trail, we just kept on driving, hoping to find a more marked entrance to the walk/hike/whatever-it-was-gonna-be. (There didn’t seem to be much info online about it. At least not in English.)
Soon we came to another town (I use “town” loosely) and decided to just get out and see what there was to see. The town may be called Slavinja. After another attempt at a hand-gestural conversation with a lady who seemed only to want to yell at us, we wandered through the “streets” in the general direction she had been waving…slavinja_grlo_serbia_0023Eventually finding a blank wooden sign, which later led to some other signs like this (after converting the Cyrillic to our alphabet, we realized it said grlo). We didn’t know where it would take us but at least we knew it was a hike of some sort.slavinja_grlo_serbia_0021The trail mostly followed the river (through bush and crossing over a couple times), but certain parts were wide open like this. Not a soul in sight.slavinja_grlo_serbia_0022slavinja_grlo_serbia_0005Finally, we came to the canyon. In my half-hearted attempts to research, I thought we were looking for Rosomacka Reka but it turns out reka means river and the river flows through a whole lot of area. What we ended up at was called Slavinja Grlo (grlo means throat)… and ironically I think it was exactly the same as the photo I pinned. So we had “Rosomacka Reka” typed into Google, but because we didn’t listen to its instructions we ended up exactly where we wanted to.slavinja_grlo_serbia_0006slavinja_grlo_serbia_0007slavinja_grlo_serbia_0008slavinja_grlo_serbia_0009slavinja_grlo_serbia_0010slavinja_grlo_serbia_0011Somehow man’s creation just doesn’t compare to nature.slavinja_grlo_serbia_0012slavinja_grlo_serbia_0014We walked upwards for a little different view.slavinja_grlo_serbia_0015slavinja_grlo_serbia_0016slavinja_grlo_serbia_0017slavinja_grlo_serbia_0018slavinja_grlo_serbia_0019And after taking it in as best we could, we trekked back…slavinja_grlo_serbia_0020Filled up our bottles with fresh mountain water (the water is clean, not so sure about the pipes but hey – we’re still alive) and got back on the winding roads in search of Sofia, Bulgaria.slavinja_grlo_serbia_0024


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