Krupajska Vrelo

If you’ve been following along on instagram, you’ll know that a little while ago I posted about the waterfall that was pretty much in someone’s backyard. I had seen this waterfall floating around Pinterest and looking all dreamy, so we decided it would be fun to hunt it down. It was part of the draw to the random countryside area of Serbia. I didn’t realize just how undeveloped of an attraction it was until we arrived.krupajsko_vrelo_serbia_0001Mr Go Pro getting his fishy-shots.krupajsko_vrelo_serbia_0002krupajsko_vrelo_serbia_0003krupajsko_vrelo_serbia_0004krupajsko_vrelo_serbia_0005krupajsko_vrelo_serbia_0006krupajsko_vrelo_serbia_0007krupajsko_vrelo_serbia_0008krupajsko_vrelo_serbia_0009krupajsko_vrelo_serbia_0010The views did not disappoint. The body of water was a stunning shade of aqua blue.krupajsko_vrelo_serbia_0011krupajsko_vrelo_serbia_0012krupajsko_vrelo_serbia_0013krupajsko_vrelo_serbia_0014krupajsko_vrelo_serbia_0015krupajsko_vrelo_serbia_0016krupajsko_vrelo_serbia_0018krupajsko_vrelo_serbia_0019krupajsko_vrelo_serbia_0020krupajsko_vrelo_serbia_0021krupajsko_vrelo_serbia_0022krupajsko_vrelo_serbia_0023krupajsko_vrelo_serbia_0024krupajsko_vrelo_serbia_0025krupajsko_vrelo_serbia_0026krupajsko_vrelo_serbia_0027krupajsko_vrelo_serbia_0028krupajsko_vrelo_serbia_0029krupajsko_vrelo_serbia_0030krupajsko_vrelo_serbia_0031krupajsko_vrelo_serbia_0032krupajsko_vrelo_serbia_0033krupajsko_vrelo_serbia_0034krupajsko_vrelo_serbia_0035

Guys, unfortunately I’m dealing with the most crappy of wifi connections in Albania at the moment – so I’ll try to update this later with a proper storyline!


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