Somewhere In Serbia

With a little bit of frustration, we managed to get a rental car sorted and head out on the open road. Our first stop? The mountainous Serbian countryside. Oh MY. What a delight it was.lipovica_serbia_travel_0001lipovica_serbia_travel_0002lipovica_serbia_travel_0003lipovica_serbia_travel_0004lipovica_serbia_travel_0006It was not long after those beautiful views that things took a turn for the more interesting. We were using a land location + Google maps to get to our destination. However, for some reason, Google doesn’t have the paved roads in their system. Instead, they have all the country backroads and cow trails. So that’s, of course, how it routed us! We started with this tiny little gravel road…lipovica_serbia_travel_0007(It took 3 tries to make it around this corner. Twice we almost ran into farmers on their mini tractors, and had to reverse into the hay field til they were past. We thought it was kinda crazy but kept on going because Googs said it was the only way!)lipovica_serbia_travel_0008Then it started to get a little hairy. The big tall grass in the middle of the road was not so great for our low-to-the-ground, tin can of a rental car. It got progressively worse… eventually turning into full on clay + mud + so many ruts that we were sliding everywhere. I was no longer even attempting to snap the occasional photo. I was hanging onto my holy-crap handles, repeating “there must be another way” and potentially a few cuss words and trying not to wail. I’ve put my own cars through their paces on muddy back roads, but somehow being in a rental makes a person feel a little more vulnerable :Plipovica_serbia_travel_0009The good thing is – we DID make it out alive. After what seemed like hours, we finally found some pavement. From there, we just kept on driving around til we saw buildings that looked like the AirBnB pictures. Upon our arrival, we were excited to tour the farm. Dane got right in there and started helping with the lawn-mowing.lipovica_serbia_travel_0010lipovica_serbia_travel_0011lipovica_serbia_travel_0012lipovica_serbia_travel_0013Who goes there!?lipovica_serbia_travel_0014Say hello to the Mangalitsa Pigs.lipovica_serbia_travel_0015lipovica_serbia_travel_0016They almost look like a cross between a pig and a sheep, with their furry coat! lipovica_serbia_travel_0017lipovica_serbia_travel_0018lipovica_serbia_travel_0019lipovica_serbia_travel_0020lipovica_serbia_travel_0021lipovica_serbia_travel_0022lipovica_serbia_travel_0023lipovica_serbia_travel_0024lipovica_serbia_travel_0025lipovica_serbia_travel_0026lipovica_serbia_travel_0027We stayed in this guest-house, and spent hours hanging out in the gazebo while it downpoured.lipovica_serbia_travel_0028lipovica_serbia_travel_0029lipovica_serbia_travel_0030lipovica_serbia_travel_0031We were served fresh, home-cooked meals – made with ingredients from their own garden. Our hosts were a lovely, friendly Serbian family. lipovica_serbia_travel_0032lipovica_serbia_travel_0033lipovica_serbia_travel_0034lipovica_serbia_travel_0035lipovica_serbia_travel_0036lipovica_serbia_travel_0037Ah – fresh, country air. Nothin’ like it.lipovica_serbia_travel_0038lipovica_serbia_travel_0039lipovica_serbia_travel_0040lipovica_serbia_travel_0041lipovica_serbia_travel_0042For those wondering, this is where it is in on the map (ish).LipovicaMore to come!


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