We had 2 days in Belgrade and we spent a good chunk of that time working. But when we did explore, we went to their fortress, which is complete with basketball and tennis courts.

beograd_belgrade_008beograd_belgrade_009beograd_belgrade_010beograd_belgrade_011beograd_belgrade_012(We also did a big ol’ walk along their island – Ada Ciganlija – and had a few meals, which I failed to capture.) I wasn’t overly impressed with what we did see of the city, but we have to come back here to drop off our rental car so maybe the second time will be a charm. Just at the tail end of the trip we started to find some cool things… like this wall.beograd_belgrade_013beograd_belgrade_014And some cool grafitti. beograd_belgrade_015beograd_belgrade_016beograd_belgrade_017beograd_belgrade_018And a really cool restaurant. beograd_belgrade_020beograd_belgrade_021beograd_belgrade_019
So we’ll see! Lots of posts to come but it’s a struggle to get them up :P Story of my life.


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