Novi Sad

Saying goodbye to our home in Budapest was one of those moments where you repeatedly tell yourself “don’t look back” to prevent an ambush of emotions. We had such an awesome 4 months and I can’t even believe how fast it flew by. Nevertheless, our time had come to an end and we were on our way to Serbia.novi_sad_0002 novi_sad_0003 novi_sad_0004DCIM100GOPROG0110094.
After 6 hours or so on the train, we checked into our hostel and took their recommendation to head for The Camelot for traditional Serbian food.novi_sad_0005
Then we walked to the inner city, which was surprisingly lively for a Monday night. We heard a booming voice and followed the sound til we found this exhibit. Turns out, they were celebrating the birthday of Nikola Tesla, a Serbian-American inventor who is most famously known for his battles with Thomas Edison. Edison was for Direct Current (DC) but Tesla was for Alternating Current (AC). If you want to learn more about it, read here or here.
novi_sad_0007Regardless of the history, I was pretty amazed at the exhibit! They projected a beautifully-animated story of Nikola Tesla (complete with a life-size depiction of the man himself, explaining it all in Serbian) onto a historical building. The animations were so incredibly detailed, right down to the changing design of the window shutters  – they must have designed it to fit exactly for this building. Even though we couldn’t understand a lick of it, I was impressed. novi_sad_0008
Also, this art piece caught my eye. I don’t understand all of what it is trying to portray but with 2 sides of the brain, the maps of regions, the people’s photos…I can guess and I think it’s kind of brilliant.
novi_sad_0009The next morning, we found a cafe called Kombinat and settled in to get some work done. novi_sad_0010
Fresh juice.
novi_sad_0011 novi_sad_0013 novi_sad_0012 novi_sad_0014 novi_sad_0015
It was the perfect place to get stuff done. But pretty soon we realized the day was almost gone and we hadn’t seen much of the city yet. So we trekked our way through town.novi_sad_0016 novi_sad_0017 novi_sad_0018 novi_sad_0019
And found the beach! It was a lovely place to chill for an hour or 2, even though we’d missed all the rays.DCIM100GOPROG0130099.DCIM100GOPROG0140104.We followed the river down…novi_sad_0022Crossed over the bridge…novi_sad_0025
Through some rundown streets…
novi_sad_0026 novi_sad_0027
And found the entrance to the city’s fortress. novi_sad_0028 novi_sad_0029 novi_sad_0030
novi_sad_0031 novi_sad_0032
A pitch black tunnel…
novi_sad_0033 novi_sad_0034 novi_sad_0035
Led us to these views.
novi_sad_0036 novi_sad_0039 novi_sad_0037 novi_sad_0038novi_sad_0042novi_sad_0043novi_sad_0040 novi_sad_0041 novi_sad_0045 novi_sad_0046 novi_sad_0047
Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, we discovered the back end of the fortress.novi_sad_0048
(Think these might have been old moats?)
novi_sad_0049 novi_sad_0050
It was stun.ning.
novi_sad_0051 novi_sad_0052 novi_sad_0053
Go Pro shots.
novi_sad_0054 We circled back to the front just as the sun completely disappeared.
novi_sad_0055 novi_sad_0056 novi_sad_0057 novi_sad_0058 novi_sad_0059 novi_sad_0060 novi_sad_0061 novi_sad_0062
Before making our way back to the city center for a late supper.novi_sad_0063novi_sad_0064novi_sad_0065novi_sad_0066
Next morning, we grabbed a quick breakfast.novi_sad_0068novi_sad_0069
And then took a stroll through City Park.
We wandered through the tiny streets, wondering how anyone could ever draw business when they were tucked away so sneakily.novi_sad_0077novi_sad_0078
The streets were so charming, filled with art and grafitti of all sorts.
A beautiful ice cream shop that we unfortunately, didn’t have time to get back to.novi_sad_0079novi_sad_0081novi_sad_0082
After a bit we stopped for another coffee (our first one of the day was a bit unsatisfying) at Kafeteria. This was a win!
And by the way, Novi Sad’s H&M looks like this inside!novi_sad_0088
We found a hairdresser for Dane and he got cleaned up, then went back down to the river to take the views in one last time.novi_sad_0089novi_sad_0090novi_sad_0091
Then we loaded up like donkeys and went down to the train station, catching a ride to Belgrade.

Novi Sad was such a pleasant, surprising gem of a city. You can tell how much I liked it by how obviously snap-happy I was. I didn’t have high expectations for it but man – what a cute, smallish city with the most friendly of people, a great downtown area, lots of active people, a nice beach, nice parks and greenery, and on and on.


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