Friday Fun

This past Friday was too sunny and gorgeous to stay cooped up. We started the day with breaky at Butter Brothers and then strolled home as slow as we possibly could, taking a few minutes here and there to bask in the rays.budapest_travellers_0304budapest_travellers_0305budapest_travellers_0306budapest_travellers_0307After a little bitta work and errands, we headed down to the river to enjoy the sunset.budapest_travellers_0308budapest_travellers_0309budapest_travellers_0310budapest_travellers_0311My favorite moments are usually when the sun has just gone down and the sky is still blue, and then all the twinkly lights come on.budapest_travellers_0312budapest_travellers_0313budapest_travellers_0314budapest_travellers_0315budapest_travellers_0316Trying and failing at selfies with the big cam.budapest_travellers_0317budapest_travellers_0318budapest_travellers_0319budapest_travellers_0320Gonna miss this city – that’s for sure.


2 thoughts on “Friday Fun

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed all your “catch-up” posts. I’m still chuckling at Dane pointing to “Horny Hard” ;)

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