Szentendre Sights

It seems all good stories start with a stop at my fav place.budapest_travellers_0269This sign is really hittin’ home for me…😂budapest_travellers_0270Coffee, millefeuille and pool.budapest_travellers_0271The next day we took the train to Szentendre, a village that is meant to portray traditional Hungarian living (but it gets lots of tourists).budapest_travellers_0272budapest_travellers_0273budapest_travellers_0274budapest_travellers_0275budapest_travellers_0276budapest_travellers_0277budapest_travellers_0278I had in my mind that we were going to the Skanzen Museum which is a few mile bus trip away from Szentendre. It has actual, old-school, traditional housing…like with thatched roofs and the whole nine yards. This town was stunning in its own right but if you are planning a trip here, make sure ya look at all the bus info for Szentendre to Skanzen (they aren’t super frequent) and don’t go in too much of a rush. budapest_travellers_0279budapest_travellers_0280A tiny side-street where we found some langos to introduce our bud to.budapest_travellers_0281The river Danube.budapest_travellers_0282budapest_travellers_0283budapest_travellers_0284budapest_travellers_0285budapest_travellers_0286budapest_travellers_0287budapest_travellers_0288budapest_travellers_0289I became obsessed with this ivy-covered home.budapest_travellers_0290budapest_travellers_0291Isn’t it just the prettiest thing ever!? I love ivy.budapest_travellers_0292budapest_travellers_0293budapest_travellers_0294budapest_travellers_0295budapest_travellers_0296budapest_travellers_0297budapest_travellers_0298It started to rain a bit so we took shelter in a cafe and had some eats. It was cha-cha-cha-chilly.budapest_travellers_0299budapest_travellers_0300budapest_travellers_0301budapest_travellers_0302We warmed up with goulash soup. Yum yum.budapest_travellers_0303Then grabbed the train back and hit up Szent Gellert Baths, followed by our greasy gyro joint.


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