Mah Bday, Etc

I’m officially a quarter of a century old. Yoikes. We celebrated by going to Liberte where I accidentally started the menu on fire, before receiving a table full of delights.budapest_travellers_0223budapest_travellers_0224budapest_travellers_0225budapest_travellers_0226budapest_travellers_0227
Our go-to homemade lunches usually include salad and guac of some form.budapest_travellers_0228budapest_travellers_0229budapest_travellers_0230I was so tickled to finally get to La Nube – a cute restaurant that has equally fanfreakintastic flavors. I really hope we can get back there before we leave!budapest_travellers_0233budapest_travellers_0231Serious – this salad was something to rave about.budapest_travellers_0232To celebrate Dane’s graduation, we went to a fancy place called Kollázs – we had a gift card from some unbelievable friends back home that we were saving for a special occasion like this.budapest_travellers_0234budapest_travellers_0235budapest_travellers_0236Dane had the rack of lamb with polenta and pearl onion (so mouthwatering).budapest_travellers_0237And I had “Corsica” – a seafood dish with sea bream, black mussels, prawn and octopus. The flavors of this platter were divine to say the least.budapest_travellers_0238budapest_travellers_0239
For dessert we shared a chocolate souffle. budapest_travellers_0240Was so amazing. Thank you to the two amazing people who gifted us this supper.budapest_travellers_0241One of the other places that has ranked itself incredibly high on my foodie list is Butter Brothers. Don’t waste your time in Budapest looking for good pastries – just go straight here. It’s unreal and they also have pretty delicious coffee.budapest_travellers_0322Walnut and brown sugar roll at the front, at the back is a classic…something rather… can’t remember the name but it’s a pastry with a sort of cream-cheese/ricotta mix in the middle and it is SO great.budapest_travellers_0242budapest_travellers_0243You can’t go wrong with the cinnamon roll.budapest_travellers_0244We finally got down to the Ludwig Museum…budapest_travellers_0245and the National Theater.budapest_travellers_0246budapest_travellers_0247The National Theater – is designed to look like a boat…budapest_travellers_0253budapest_travellers_0248budapest_travellers_0249budapest_travellers_0250budapest_travellers_0251budapest_travellers_0252The area surrounding is pretty fanc-ay.budapest_travellers_0254budapest_travellers_0255In the market outside our house, I found these beautiful beautiful flowers. Apparently called Pentecost Roses.budapest_travellers_0256budapest_travellers_0257One day we took a big stroll through City Park and I was loving the light…budapest_travellers_0258So we used it to play with the self timer.budapest_travellers_0259budapest_travellers_0260budapest_travellers_0261budapest_travellers_0262budapest_travellers_0263budapest_travellers_0264Then we ran to the bus station to pick up another Sasky bud, before going out to Bordó Bisztró for supper.budapest_travellers_0265budapest_travellers_0266budapest_travellers_0267budapest_travellers_0268


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