Zvolen, SK

The post actually starts out, as usual, in Budapest. budapest_travellers_0180My inlaws arrived and we celebrated with a tasty meal at Zona.budapest_travellers_0181budapest_travellers_0182Can you tell we’re sorta gettin’ the hang of what’s good and what’s not around here!?budapest_travellers_0183Dane wanted to show off his 400 year old school…budapest_travellers_0184And I just wanted an iced coffee from one of my other favs, Madalbudapest_travellers_0185budapest_travellers_0186We took em’ for a stroll through Margit.budapest_travellers_0187budapest_travellers_0188budapest_travellers_0189And then I spent a few days holed up catching on work, while they toured themselves around. One splendid evening we hit up Liberte (seriously I should be getting paid a promo fee for how much I rave to people about it). My inlaws tried the Braised Beef while Dane had a steak sandwich…budapest_travellers_0190And I had the shrimp spaghetti (thanks B for the recommendation).budapest_travellers_0191budapest_travellers_0192Some home-done strawberries’n’banans in dark chocolate.budapest_travellers_0193Chez Dodo – an accidental discovery and now one of my favorites. I don’t think anything can top Little Bird’s macarons (back home in YXE), but these are a close second. Plus it’s the most darling shop and they make great coffee.budapest_travellers_0194Guess where…! Surprise, surprise – we went up to Citadella.budapest_travellers_0195The view changes slightly when we get to Zvolen, Slovakia. This was our view of the city from atop a mountain.budapest_travellers_0196budapest_travellers_0197budapest_travellers_0198budapest_travellers_0199budapest_travellers_0200budapest_travellers_0201budapest_travellers_0202Such a refreshing little hike. So nice to be in the shade of these tall, luscious trees (gettin’ a bit tired of the old city life and craving some fresh country air again).budapest_travellers_0203Castle ruins at the top of the mountain.budapest_travellers_0204budapest_travellers_0205budapest_travellers_0206A deep, deep well.budapest_travellers_0207budapest_travellers_0208budapest_travellers_0209budapest_travellers_0210budapest_travellers_0211budapest_travellers_0212budapest_travellers_0213budapest_travellers_0214budapest_travellers_0215budapest_travellers_0216budapest_travellers_0217budapest_travellers_0218budapest_travellers_0219budapest_travellers_0220I am in love with the shades of bluey-green in the sprawling mountains.budapest_travellers_0221budapest_travellers_0222That evening we headed back to Budapest and the next day we said our see-ya-laters to these lovely inlaws. Lucky for them they’ve got lots more travels in their future :)


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