Some Fine Folks

Like I said, we’ve been super lucky to have quite a few visitors while we’ve been in Budapest. For awhile there it kind of felt like we were still in Saskatchewan. This rad couple (our second third set of parents) popped by for a weekend stopover.budapest_travellers_0149We started off with some traditional goulash at Púder – one of Budapest’s many ruin pubs.budapest_travellers_0150Then we traveled around the city showing them all our favorite sights.budapest_travellers_0151budapest_travellers_0152budapest_travellers_0153budapest_travellers_0154budapest_travellers_0155budapest_travellers_0156budapest_travellers_0157(I didn’t take a ton of photos.) Later we went to Kazimír Bisztró – a little restaurant I’d been eyeing up for awhile. It was splendid.budapest_travellers_0158budapest_travellers_0159budapest_travellers_0160The next day, among other things, we headed over to Margit Island. It’s a “sports island” as the locals call it, with a 5km running track looping around the outside. On the inside, it’s full of trees, gardens, a few sports complexes and pools, etc. budapest_travellers_0161budapest_travellers_0162You can rent all sorts of bikes to rip around on, which I’d recommend if you’re only visiting for a couple days. Gives the ol’ feet a bit of a break.budapest_travellers_0163Later on we hiked up to Citadella (yes, our obvious favorite). It’s one of those things that people just have to see if they come to Budapest!budapest_travellers_0164Elizabeth or “Sissi” Bridgebudapest_travellers_0165budapest_travellers_0166budapest_travellers_0167budapest_travellers_0168budapest_travellers_0169budapest_travellers_0170budapest_travellers_0171budapest_travellers_0172budapest_travellers_0173budapest_travellers_0174budapest_travellers_0175(Yeah, my apologies if some of these are repetitive images.)budapest_travellers_0176budapest_travellers_0177Monday morning – Dane went off to school (a rare occurrence it seemed) so P+B+I went to Heroes Square and took a little stroll through City Park.budapest_travellers_0178Before lunching at Central Cafe (which was surprisingly yummy – I was expecting it to be like New York Cafe, a tourist trap – but it was quite good!).budapest_travellers_0179But it wasn’t long until the Fine Folks continued on their way to the next leg of their adventure. Loved havin’ em.


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