Besties In Buda

This lovely lassie booked herself a ticket to come see us in our glorious city. buda_buds_0077It wasn’t long before I took her to Budapest Baristas – one of my fav cafes here. They have an especially delicious tapioca and mango pudding that’s pretty low in sugah and is a light, refreshing treat for an afternoon!buda_buds_0078Then I took her up the back side of the Buda Castle. It’s sorta unkept and I find it a little more rugged and beautiful.buda_buds_0079Supper out at a Jewish street food area…buda_buds_0080Playing with his ring…always.buda_buds_0081On Friday we made our way to western Romania. On the way we stopped at a thermal spa called Saliris Resort.buda_buds_0082We soaked away in their outdoor hot pools for a few refreshing hours. Would’ve liked to explore this area a little more as it seemed like there might be some beautiful hikes or walking trails out back.buda_buds_0083buda_buds_0084buda_buds_0085Everything was looking all dewy and beautiful, including the gal…buda_buds_0086buda_buds_0087We got back on the road to Romania.buda_buds_0088buda_buds_0089buda_buds_0090
(This tractor stopped in the middle of a small town gave me a laugh. Must’ve needed a coffee break so he popped by the house I guess!)buda_buds_0091
Apparently this sign means no tractors, horses’n’buggies, or bikes. We actually saw quite a few of those on the secondary roads.buda_buds_0092
Before too long, we crossed the border and arrived to the small city of Oradea. We toured the center a bit…buda_buds_0093
(First Pic: looks like they hate each other. Second Pic: looks like they’re married.)buda_buds_0094buda_buds_0095buda_buds_0096buda_buds_0097buda_buds_0098buda_buds_0099
We had a nice Saturday eve and an even better Sunday before we made our way back home.

On Monday, I eagerly took S to Liberte, where she tried the much-raved about Braised Beef…buda_buds_0100We shared a quinoa salad.buda_buds_0101And I (of course) had to try out their burg. It didn’t disappoint. buda_buds_0102buda_buds_0103
They serve millefeuille, a French pastry-type dessert and it is DEE-lectable. buda_buds_0104Then we really spoiled ourselves with a luxurious mani-pedi afternoon. We didn’t expect the spa to be so fancy but it was a nice surprise!buda_buds_0105buda_buds_0106buda_buds_0107That evening, we and a few others, headed up to Citadella. buda_buds_0108buda_buds_0109buda_buds_0110buda_buds_0111buda_buds_0112buda_buds_0113buda_buds_0114buda_buds_0116buda_buds_0115buda_buds_0117buda_buds_0118buda_buds_0119The view just makes my heart sing. Though we have noticed a great increase in tourists as of late and everyone likes to be there at dusk (smart)!buda_buds_0120buda_buds_0122buda_buds_0123We have to introduce all our visitors to langos, just cuz.buda_buds_0124And we usually make a stop for some kürtőskalács (aka chimney cakes) too. buda_buds_0125buda_buds_0126buda_buds_0127buda_buds_0128buda_buds_0129Budapest is like a fairytale city. It won’t surprise me if it becomes ultra-popular on the tourist track in the next few years (it’s already happening).buda_buds_0130We had supper at 4 Bros Kitchen in Gosdu Udvar. buda_buds_0131It’s the cutest place with sheepskin rugs on every chair and woven-basket type lights – but poor lighting. buda_buds_0132S and I tried out Hummus Bar on Tuesday.buda_buds_0133And in the evening, a few of us went to Zeneakademia for a concert. It was advertised as a blend of traditional Hungarian music and classical. But let’s just say it was not so much a “blend” as a choppy, ultra-strange, hilarious performance. Like all artsy movements, it takes someone creative to think outside the box and get the ball rolling – but I think this one needs a bit more fine-tuning til it becomes a hit!buda_buds_0134These guys all enjoyed the laughs though.buda_buds_0135Wednesday, we had another sweet traveller with us and we 3 headed up to Fisherman’s Bastion. buda_buds_0136buda_buds_0137buda_buds_0138buda_buds_0139buda_buds_0140buda_buds_0141buda_buds_0142buda_buds_0143Good view of the Parliament!buda_buds_0144buda_buds_0145buda_buds_0146buda_buds_0147This area was screaming at me to take a photo (seriously how gorgeous is it!) – these stunning subjects begrudgingly obliged. buda_buds_0148We had lotsa fun together. Thankful for all the people that came and saw us over here!


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