Swiss Dreams

Switzerland is one of those places that I have dreamed of visiting for years. Photos of the Swiss countryside are plastered all over my old vision board (probably still hanging in front of mom and dad’s treadmill). When it was -40 and I was plugging away on the treadmill, I’d put on my upbeat classical music and pretend I was running through the Swiss mountains (guys, I don’t even care how nerdy of an admission that is…it got me through the winter).

The 4 days we had in the country were nowhere near long enough to get my fill… if anything it just whet my whistle and made me want to book another trip ASAP! What a beautiful (and expensive) country.

travel_switzerland_0024travel_switzerland_0025travel_switzerland_0026Our friends have started a coffee van! How adorable is Archie!?travel_switzerland_0027One wee boy lost his ball in the frigid water so this kind soul waded out to help him…travel_switzerland_0028Reactions of the onlookers (guilty little boy on the left, laughing bros on the right)…travel_switzerland_0029travel_switzerland_0030travel_switzerland_0031travel_switzerland_0032travel_switzerland_0033travel_switzerland_0034It was quite foggy Friday and Saturday but even that couldn’t hide the beauty…travel_switzerland_0035travel_switzerland_0036travel_switzerland_0037travel_switzerland_0038travel_switzerland_0039I can only imagine how much more spectacular this would be when the terraced vineyards have all blossomed.travel_switzerland_0040travel_switzerland_0041travel_switzerland_0042travel_switzerland_0043travel_switzerland_0044travel_switzerland_0045travel_switzerland_0046travel_switzerland_0047travel_switzerland_0048travel_switzerland_0049travel_switzerland_0050travel_switzerland_0051travel_switzerland_0052travel_switzerland_0053travel_switzerland_0054travel_switzerland_0055Sunday laughs with a darling little lady…travel_switzerland_0056travel_switzerland_0057travel_switzerland_0058What dreams are made of. Stunning view.travel_switzerland_0059travel_switzerland_0060travel_switzerland_0061travel_switzerland_0062travel_switzerland_0063travel_switzerland_0064travel_switzerland_0065travel_switzerland_0066On Monday, we did a quick hike partway up the mountainside. The sun finally came out and we enjoyed a crisp, clear view of the scenery.travel_switzerland_0067travel_switzerland_0068travel_switzerland_0069travel_switzerland_0070travel_switzerland_0071A cute mountainside church’s interior.travel_switzerland_0072travel_switzerland_0073Love this little tour guide and her hospitable fam!travel_switzerland_0074IMG_1165IMG_1167IMG_1168IMG_1170Coffee in a nearby town after our hike.travel_switzerland_0075Paris airport…travel_switzerland_0076And soon we were home again home again. I didn’t do a very good job describing all of the lovely people that hosted and welcomed us but it sure makes a country even sweeter when that’s the case (as it was for us this trip).
Til next time Switzerland  ❤  Hopefully next time I visit it’s on the back of my husband’s motorbike!



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