Brooklyn June

My little sis surpassed me in height long ago, but now she’s flippin’ graduating and becoming an adult. Whoa. Things are gettin’ pretty serious. We took a few snaps around Budapest in celebration of this big ol’ time of her life.

But before you get to the photos, I should let you know that this kiddo has got some serious talent up her sleeve. She’s a budding videographer and also has a blog of her own. (PS I love that her website name utilizes the word “ramblings” because this girl, though not short of talent or ability, is also known by her loved ones to get e.x.t.r.e.m.e. verbal diarrhea. Hee hee. 1 Compliment, 1 Jab…that’s what siblings do! Love you Brooky.)

More notable and important than the diarrhea though, is that Brooklyn has just completed a short travel diary about her trip to Budapest – check it out here (it’s amaaaZING). On to the photos…

brooklyn_june_0155brooklyn_june_0157brooklyn_june_0158brooklyn_june_0160brooklyn_june_0161brooklyn_june_0162brooklyn_june_0163brooklyn_june_0164brooklyn_june_0165brooklyn_june_0166brooklyn_june_0167brooklyn_june_0168brooklyn_june_0169That moment when you realize the Asians are taking photos of YOU (not the historic landmarks)…brooklyn_june_0170Then they got the courage to ask for photos with her!! Imagine! A celeb like her posing with mere peasants.brooklyn_june_0171The icing on the cake was the selfie stick…brooklyn_june_0172brooklyn_june_0173brooklyn_june_0174brooklyn_june_0175brooklyn_june_0177brooklyn_june_0178brooklyn_june_0179brooklyn_june_0181We took a pit stop at Fragola – homemade gelato.brooklyn_june_0182Later in the evening, after our last supper, we got a few more shots in our ‘hood.brooklyn_june_0183brooklyn_june_0184brooklyn_june_0185brooklyn_june_0186brooklyn_june_0187Look out world. This little beaut is comin’ for ya!


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