Celebrating 30

While mom and dad were here, they had their 30th wedding anniversary. We thought they probably could use a night away from us hooligans and our close quarters so we surprised them with a little guesthouse.budapest_tourists_0134budapest_tourists_0135budapest_tourists_0136budapest_tourists_0137budapest_tourists_0138budapest_tourists_0139budapest_tourists_0140budapest_tourists_0141Dad feeling extra relaxed after their couples massage :)budapest_tourists_0142budapest_tourists_0143budapest_tourists_0144Then we all got supper at what is now my favorite restaurant in Budapest – Liberte Grand Cafe.budapest_tourists_0145They make really good coffee, fresh squeezed juices, homemade lemonades, have the best food and phenomenal desserts. Plus the vibe is on point.budapest_tourists_0146budapest_tourists_0147Little sister was hounding everyone to go back to the Escape Rooms for another round. Literally that is her “I’ve almost won them all over” grin. Dad’s face is “yeah ok, could do” and Mom’s face is “oh groan child”. budapest_tourists_0148Moroccan Lamb Meatballsbudapest_tourists_0149 Garlicky Prawn Pasta (a big win)budapest_tourists_0150The unbeatable Braised Beef Cheek.budapest_tourists_0151
Sausage of all sorts.budapest_tourists_0152budapest_tourists_0153

And then, Courtney won and everyone went to the Escape Room. Cept me cuz I hadn’t been feeling so well.


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