Tapolca Lake Caves

Tapolca is a cute little town in Hungary, famous for its Lake Caves.tapolca_lake_caves_0103The tour guide starts out by talking about the different rock formations and limestone and yadda yadda. Our group didn’t take much interest in it (didn’t help that it was in Hungarian) so they opted for the children’s tunnel. You can always count on my husband to choose the most mature option.tapolca_lake_caves_0104tapolca_lake_caves_0105tapolca_lake_caves_0106 Rocky got a power snooze in on the bean bag…tapolca_lake_caves_0107We pretty much skipped the first half, eager to actually get in the boats and tour the caves. But there was one tidbit of info that was kind of neat: the cave chambers were used as air-raid shelters during World War II. During this time, they discovered that the clean cave air was really good for patients with respiratory issues. To this day, the cave functions as a medicinal cave.tapolca_lake_caves_0108tapolca_lake_caves_0109tapolca_lake_caves_0110After a bit of a queue, mom and dad got a boat of their own.tapolca_lake_caves_0111tapolca_lake_caves_0112Then the girls’ turn came…tapolca_lake_caves_0113Followed by us…tapolca_lake_caves_0114tapolca_lake_caves_0116Followed by Rocko.tapolca_lake_caves_0117tapolca_lake_caves_0118It was pretty cool!tapolca_lake_caves_0119tapolca_lake_caves_0120tapolca_lake_caves_0121tapolca_lake_caves_0122tapolca_lake_caves_0123tapolca_lake_caves_0124tapolca_lake_caves_0125For most of the areas, you didn’t even need a paddle. You had to tuck in really low and use your hands to pull yourself through.tapolca_lake_caves_0126tapolca_lake_caves_0127But soon enough, the tour was over we were back in the regular old caves.tapolca_lake_caves_0128tapolca_lake_caves_0129And then back on the road – headed for the big old city. We’re told that all the mountains in this region (Tapolca Basin) were old volcanoes.tapolca_lake_caves_0130tapolca_lake_caves_0131tapolca_lake_caves_0132tapolca_lake_caves_0133

For such a small country (you can fit almost 7 Hungary’s into Saskatchewan), it’s got quite a bit to offer. We feel like we are just at the tip of the berg.


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