Fun With Ma Famille (Part III)

We’ve frequented a little place called Hadik Cafe for Sunday lunch. I quite enjoy it.travel_hungary_0202travel_hungary_0203travel_hungary_0204This particular day was Easter Sunday so they brought out the chocolate eggs.travel_hungary_0205Different place for supper – a superb pizza.travel_hungary_0206Monday morning we headed to the country, driving along Lake Balaton…travel_hungary_0207travel_hungary_0208I’ve been told the moss balls that grow in the trees here (and in Ukraine too) are actually a disease. Don’t quote me 100% but that’s what I heard. I think they are kind of pretty though.travel_hungary_0209travel_hungary_0210Eventually we came to Lake Heviz Thermal Lake Spa.travel_hungary_0211
It’s the funniest thing. The outdoor thermal lake is actually only about 34 degrees which doesn’t feel too warm in the spring. The hottest parts are indoor, but you swim amongst the slimy pillars, watching the dirt flakes and brown water lap against your skin. It kind of feels like you are swimming in a flooded basement. So it’s not a luxury thing. It’s definitely a therapeutic thing that the locals love. I’m sure there’s tons of minerals in it but next time (if there were a next time) I would take a cue from the local folks and bring a circular noodle to float around in. That way you don’t have to hang onto the slimy poles or touch the slimy bottom.travel_hungary_0212After that experience, we showered up and grabbed some lunch.travel_hungary_0213It was again, traditional food – goulash soup.travel_hungary_0214travel_hungary_0215travel_hungary_0216travel_hungary_0217travel_hungary_0218And fried food. travel_hungary_0219travel_hungary_0220
Then we continued the countryside explorations. Dad got a little out of control at the wheel, driving like a maniac down the back roads.travel_hungary_0221But it led to some gorgeous scenery…travel_hungary_0222travel_hungary_0223travel_hungary_0224travel_hungary_0225travel_hungary_0226travel_hungary_0227travel_hungary_0228travel_hungary_0229travel_hungary_0230travel_hungary_0231travel_hungary_0232travel_hungary_0233travel_hungary_0234travel_hungary_0235travel_hungary_0236Next Stop: Tapolca Lake Caves.


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