Fun With Ma Famille (SK-AT)

On Friday we decided to hop on the train to Bratislava. We met up with some fine folks and got a walking tour of the city’s castle and views.bratislava_vienna_travel_0151bratislava_vienna_travel_0152bratislava_vienna_travel_0153Fun fact: SK is the Slovakian country initials (same as Saskatchewan!) and AT is the Austrian initials. bratislava_vienna_travel_0154bratislava_vienna_travel_0155bratislava_vienna_travel_0156This little guy was so cute I could have taken him home to Budapest. Oh MY he was such a sweetie.bratislava_vienna_travel_0157bratislava_vienna_travel_0158bratislava_vienna_travel_0159We dined at an old church that made scrumptious, traditional Slovak dishes. We had a dish for 2 (which we were told would be WAY too much for us but…err…it wasn’t) which included the pierogi/sheep cheese/bacon chunk dish, a sauerkraut dish (my fav) and one other one which I can’t member at the moment…bratislava_vienna_travel_0160Plus sausages! Oink oink.bratislava_vienna_travel_0161After lunch, the tour continued.bratislava_vienna_travel_0163bratislava_vienna_travel_0164bratislava_vienna_travel_0165bratislava_vienna_travel_0166bratislava_vienna_travel_0167bratislava_vienna_travel_0168bratislava_vienna_travel_0169bratislava_vienna_travel_0170And soon enough, we said our goodbyes and hopped on another train to Vienna. I was in charge of booking us a hotel for some reason, and we accidentally ended up at a kindaaa-hippie spot. I thought it was pretty cute, but everyone else is used to the standard hotel amenities (like a TV and stuff) so I don’t think they were as keen.bratislava_vienna_travel_0171We didn’t spend much time there anyways. We headed off in search of an Orchestra/Opera performance, found one, bought tickets, and had about 20 minutes leftover to get supper. So McD’s happened. And that’s the joy of family trips! Convenience wins.bratislava_vienna_travel_0172After our classy supper, we rushed back to claim our seats.bratislava_vienna_travel_0173bratislava_vienna_travel_0174bratislava_vienna_travel_0175bratislava_vienna_travel_0176bratislava_vienna_travel_0177bratislava_vienna_travel_0178The performance was amazing. The orchestra peeps all wore their cheesy white wigs and ridiculous costumes but still… I could sit there and watch/listen to it forever. The way everyone plays their part (some get right into it and some are just calm, cool, collected), how fast their hands move, and trying to pick out the different sounds of each instrument…yep, orchestras are for me. Opera singing – not so much. But they snuck it in here and there and it was ok.bratislava_vienna_travel_0179They even brought in a huge choir for a few songs. I liked that this place had so much variety. It’s probably made for tourists like me who don’t know how to appreciate one single art and need constant stimulation.bratislava_vienna_travel_0180bratislava_vienna_travel_0181bratislava_vienna_travel_0182The hotel lobby in the am.  Magdas Hotel is the name of the spot.bratislava_vienna_travel_0183Three guesses as to whether this monkey is a morning person…bratislava_vienna_travel_0184bratislava_vienna_travel_0185bratislava_vienna_travel_0187
We found (ok Dane found) Cafe Menta for breakfast grub. Mmm, turned out quite nice.bratislava_vienna_travel_0188bratislava_vienna_travel_0189Then we hit up the Museum Hundertwasser (aka Kunst Haus).bratislava_vienna_travel_0190bratislava_vienna_travel_0191bratislava_vienna_travel_0192bratislava_vienna_travel_0193bratislava_vienna_travel_0194From what I gather, he was this crazy old hippie artist who had really unique ideas about architecture and the way villages should be made. The exterior of the building reflects his artistic style, and inside you can view a lot of his works (various mediums), as well as a couple other featured exhibits. He did not like straight lines, that’s for sure.bratislava_vienna_travel_0195In addition to the museum, there is also an apartment complex in the same style (Hundertwasserhaus) where people actually pay big bucks to live. If you google a photo of the place, you’ll see that it looks much more vibrant there. It’s definitely faded a bit, but still very neat.bratislava_vienna_travel_0196bratislava_vienna_travel_0197bratislava_vienna_travel_0198

bratislava_vienna_travel_0199We met up with our sweet Vienna expat friends for lunch.bratislava_vienna_travel_0200
Then hit up Forever21, walked through the Palace District (Hofburg, etc), got sorted and made our way to the train back to Budapest. bratislava_vienna_travel_0201


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