Fun With Ma Famille (Part I)

(Part) of my family came to visit us in Budapest for 10 days or so. I had my list of things to do, restaurants to try, etc, ready to go and it’s safe to say we kept pretty busy. I won’t go into great detail in the next few posts as I am waay behind on posting.

But Frici Papa’s… I would have been ok if I didn’t return to this traditional Hungarian joint ever again – but apparently everyone else was especially keen on it (to this day I still think they were only raving about it to get my goat).budapest_tourism_0083We did some first-night sightseeing, taking a ride on the adorable Metro Line 1.budapest_tourism_0084budapest_tourism_0085budapest_tourism_0086budapest_tourism_0087Court grabbed my camera whenever she could. She heard this a lot: “yes you can use it but guard it with your freaking life and DON’T drop it”. budapest_tourism_0088budapest_tourism_0089budapest_tourism_0090We tuckered them out so good that we could literally NOT wake them up if we tried. Bright sun shining in, coffee grinder right in their ear, clanging and banging…the whole works kept on snoring away.budapest_tourism_0091
Ah such a nice gift to receive from back home!!budapest_tourism_0092budapest_tourism_0093
Brie cheese + almost 100% fruit jam from the countryside markets. So delish.budapest_tourism_0094
This little goon…budapest_tourism_0095budapest_tourism_0096budapest_tourism_0097budapest_tourism_0098
My little sisters are not so little anymore!budapest_tourism_0099budapest_tourism_0100budapest_tourism_0101budapest_tourism_0102Fat Mama Eatery – they smoke the meats in a special oven to give it a lovely flavor and tenderness like you wouldn’t believe. budapest_tourism_0103budapest_tourism_0104budapest_tourism_0105budapest_tourism_0106
More evening walks along the river.budapest_tourism_0107
The parliament’s exterior by night…budapest_tourism_0108The parliament’s interior by day…budapest_tourism_0109budapest_tourism_0110budapest_tourism_0111budapest_tourism_0112budapest_tourism_0113budapest_tourism_0114budapest_tourism_0115budapest_tourism_0116budapest_tourism_0117budapest_tourism_0118This old cowpoke maneuvering the European city streets like a boss…budapest_tourism_0119Husband ruining the pic with his dweeby pose (not uncommon).budapest_tourism_0120
One second after scolding him :P Haha. Gave papa an idea…budapest_tourism_0121budapest_tourism_0122budapest_tourism_0123Forcing everyone to try our favorite greasy gyro joint. We love it a little too much.budapest_tourism_0124budapest_tourism_0125budapest_tourism_0126budapest_tourism_0127
Seriously so mouth-watering and it is only a couple bucks.budapest_tourism_0128budapest_tourism_0129
Corso Gourmet – a beautiful restaurant at the top of a gourmet grocery store. Food is average but view is stunning.budapest_tourism_0130budapest_tourism_0131budapest_tourism_0132budapest_tourism_0133budapest_tourism_0134budapest_tourism_0135budapest_tourism_0136budapest_tourism_0137
Introducing the girls to The Sweet – one of those dessert shops that wins you over the moment you set foot inside it’s adorable storefront.budapest_tourism_0138budapest_tourism_0139budapest_tourism_0140
Amazing right?!budapest_tourism_0141budapest_tourism_0142budapest_tourism_0143budapest_tourism_0144budapest_tourism_0145budapest_tourism_0146budapest_tourism_0147
You can dress her up but …budapest_tourism_0148budapest_tourism_0149budapest_tourism_0150The adventures continue!


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