London Comes To Budapest

We were blessed with the presence of my older, much wiser cousin and her husband last weekend. It’s only a hop, skip, and a jump from London to Budapest, so they made it happen. Friday night, we fetched them from the airport, got caught up on the crucial life details, and talked til the wee hours. We had a lazy Saturday morning over french toast, bacon, and coffee, before heading out to discover and show off the beautiful city we currently call home.
We started out at the Great Market Hall. Spoiled with the market right outside our door, this was a first time for us too.1458411135_thumb.jpeg1458411394_thumb.jpeg 1458411406_thumb.jpeg
After enough perusing of the meats, produce, paprika stands, knick-knacks and so on … we crossed the bridge in the direction of Citadel. Budapest has its own Statue Of Liberty, and it’s located up there by the Citadel (fortress).1458411429_thumb.jpeg 1458411537_thumb.jpeg 1458411564_thumb.jpeg
Once over the bridge, we began the trek up the Buda hills, catching stunning views of the city whenver we got to the panting-like-dogs stage. This unique building is called Bálna (means “whale” apparently).1458411580_thumb.jpeg
Barging through the Danube…1458411702_thumb.jpeg 1458411761_thumb.jpeg
These two got along like two peas in a pod.budapest_lifestyle_0373
The first time I’d seen these two newlyweds together :) Must say they make a pretty swell couple.1458411825_thumb.jpeg
Dane strutting it…1458411873_thumb.jpeg
Nothin’ like that cousin bond :)1458411915_thumb.jpeg
I insisted we take the long way up because I’d surveyed the hills earlier that week and discovered an extra beautiful path that nobody else seems to walk on (probably ‘cuz it’s literally twice as long).budapest_lifestyle_0378
Atop the mount …1458412047_thumb.jpeg
I quite like this cute little coffee van.1458412103_thumb.jpeg
And how cool is this sauna van!?budapest_lifestyle_0381budapest_lifestyle_0382budapest_lifestyle_0383
Concrete + greenery is just a winning combo, whether it’s on the Buda hills in Hungary or at Thrive Juice in Saskatoon (yes I’m missing my local joints like you wouldn’t believe).budapest_lifestyle_0387 budapest_lifestyle_0384
Just another pretty bridge.budapest_lifestyle_0386
The funicular near Szechenyi Bridge takes you up to the Buda Castle and is quite darling.budapest_lifestyle_0388budapest_lifestyle_0389
But, we figured, more darling from the outside than the inside (so probs not worth the 9 euros). So we took the stairs. Still, how cute is this?budapest_lifestyle_0390
From the castle grounds, you get a nice view of the outrageously large Parliament Building …budapest_lifestyle_0391 budapest_lifestyle_0392
Which, after a stroll through the castle’s courtyards, we decided to hit up. Out in the front of Parliament, is this silly infinity pool that I’m pretty sure is there just to see how stupid they can make the tourists look when they try to capture the “drowning” look.budapest_lifestyle_0393
Haha, but we got a good chuckle out of it! I’m sure if I went 100% down on my belly I may have gotten the dream shot, but I was just not quite that committed.budapest_lifestyle_0394
The Parliament building is seriously immaculate. You will probably get sick of my photos of it but I’m probably gonna show it to everyone that visits us sooo… sorry, not sorry.budapest_lifestyle_0395
Let’s talk for one second about Metro Line 1. It’s the second oldest subway system in Europe. The cars are super rickity and the holy-crap handles are made of leather. The stations themselves are vintage-style, which is a huge contrast to the Green Line. I love it.budapest_lifestyle_0397
After a considerable amount of more walking (which I didn’t document), followed by supper out (which I also didn’t document), followed by some more evening strolls … we eventually ended up at New York Cafe for dessert. I don’t know why but this is the random point in time that I decided to pull the camera out again.
It’s just ice cream and whip cream… but put a decently-presented piece of food in front of me and I can’t help myself (yeah, supper’s presentation was lacking and it was red-orangey light).budapest_lifestyle_0398 budapest_lifestyle_0399
On Sunday, we enjoyed a quiet morning before eventually venturing outdoors for more sight seeing. We came to the whale building and decided to take a peek inside. It is amazing – so bright and modern and fresh-feeling. Loved the tile on the stairs…budapest_lifestyle_0401 budapest_lifestyle_0402 budapest_lifestyle_0403
Mr. Important (JK he was probably dealing with the landlord on our shower leak!)budapest_lifestyle_0404budapest_lifestyle_0405 budapest_lifestyle_0406
What a seriously lovely weekend with these two lovebirds!budapest_lifestyle_0407
The below shot is actually from our tour of (one part) of the Hungarian countryside. This is kürtőskalács, a traditional, doughy snack that is common in these parts. It’s comparable to a cinnamon bun, except more doughy, less-fluffy, and less buttery (k so not really like a cinnamon bun at all).budapest_lifestyle_0408
And after another busy week, we decided last minute to do a super-speedy trip to Prague. Coming soon to the blog.


2 thoughts on “London Comes To Budapest

  1. Love your photography!! My fiancé and I are getting married in Budapest in September, this post just made me super excited, can’t wait to be there 😊

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