24 Hours In Praha

When Dane first mentioned Prague (Thursday, I believe), I was like … shoot, I need to work, I need to do more yoga stuff, I need to get some exercise and get our house ready for company. But somehow he twisted my rubber arm! I did a little prep-work and was able to work on the train. The yoga, exercise, and housework all got the shaft though (for now). We got looking at our calendar and with all the visitors we’ll be getting, we don’t really have much left for weekends to travel!

So at 530am Friday, we boarded the train and were on our way to Prague!
1458414354_thumb.jpegWhoever made up the saying “the early bird gets the worm” was seriously the wisest. I love love love the way early mornings always reward you with the most glorious views.
We drifted through some adorable towns in Hungary (which I fully intend to sneak back too at some point).
1458414788_thumb.jpegRivers running through them, the mixture of fog and sunlight was too much. I couldn’t even begin to do them justice just by shooting out the train window.
1458414806_thumb.jpeg7 hours later, we arrived in Prague (or Praha, as the locals say) and checked into our AirBnb. 1458414978_thumb.jpegprague_praha_travel_00091458414997_thumb.jpeg
Once we’d dumped off our bags, we set off in search of some grub. (Tip: Don’t ever count on trains to have food/beverages. Always take your own.) We tried Cafe Savoy, with its beautiful interior…prague_praha_travel_0012prague_praha_travel_0013And equally beautiful food. This beet, pear, cheese, candied walnut salad has me drooling just looking at it again. It was definitely the high-quality cheese (it tasted like a blend of brie and blue) and the way they did the beets that took it from good to fan-flipping-tastic.prague_praha_travel_0014I was so excited to have a meal that I could actually exclaim about! Definitely have to learn how to re-create this one.prague_praha_travel_0015Dane had the special (which was essentially a casserole!). It was tasty but nothing to write home about.prague_praha_travel_0016The dessert … !!! These were dumplings that contained a whole strawberry, and came on a bed of creamy ricotta-like cheese. Then you pour butter, and sprinkle sugar on top. So so naughty and so so decadent.prague_praha_travel_0017After that splurge, we needed to burn some serious calories. We hiked our butts up to the top of a large hill in search of castles and such.prague_praha_travel_0018Couples and lovers were enjoying the green space + sunshine + beautiful views.prague_praha_travel_0019I loved the way the sun kept peeking through the sticks.prague_praha_travel_0020prague_praha_travel_0021After lots of incline + steps, we found ourselves at the foot of the Observation Tower.prague_praha_travel_0022Unlike the Eiffel Tower, there are no elevators. So we herded up the never-ending circular staircase with all the other tourists until we found the viewing deck.prague_praha_travel_0023prague_praha_travel_0024prague_praha_travel_0025prague_praha_travel_0026prague_praha_travel_0027prague_praha_travel_0028Whenever you have just a short short time in a big city, I think it’s always a good idea to find the highest point and get there. It gives you a feel for the city that you (obviously) don’t get from the common streets.prague_praha_travel_0029prague_praha_travel_0030After the Tower, we wandered along through the massive park and eventually through the streets, back into civilization.prague_praha_travel_0031prague_praha_travel_0032I am always amazed at the locations (world-wide) Starbucks procures for their coffee shops. They don’t mess around (but more on this later).prague_praha_travel_0033I could have stared at this gothic church (St. Vitus Cathedral) for hours, as you might guess when you see the number of photos to follow. The amount of intricate detail is insane.prague_praha_travel_0034prague_praha_travel_0035prague_praha_travel_0036prague_praha_travel_0037prague_praha_travel_0038prague_praha_travel_0039prague_praha_travel_0040prague_praha_travel_0041prague_praha_travel_0042I don’t even really like church buildings but this one is an exception …prague_praha_travel_0043prague_praha_travel_0044Sunlight warming the streets …prague_praha_travel_0045prague_praha_travel_0046Texture.prague_praha_travel_0047
And the kürtőskalács (sometimes called chimney cakes) makes an appearance once again. They smell so good cookin’ away.prague_praha_travel_0048The golden afternoon sun was warm and made everything feel so dreamy.prague_praha_travel_0049prague_praha_travel_0050We decided it was time for a hot drink, so we went back to the Starbs.
It was a gorgeous spot for a cafe, and I loved the “where are you from?” pin wall …prague_praha_travel_0051prague_praha_travel_0052They have several patios where you can sip on your lattes and drink in the view.prague_praha_travel_0053Or … take a selfie …prague_praha_travel_0054prague_praha_travel_0055prague_praha_travel_0056We mosied back towards our accommodations …prague_praha_travel_0057Got freshened up, and then headed out to fancified burger joint that was recommended on a foodie blog … Dish Fine Burger Bistro.prague_praha_travel_0058It didn’t disappoint! And even though I forgot to snap a shot of it, the interior of the venue was lovely as well.prague_praha_travel_0059We did some more meandering through the streets, and played “tram roulette” (as Dane calls it) by hopping on whichever tram pulled up, taking it until it turned a direction we weren’t fond of, getting off and trying another, and so on. Eventually we just got off and walked towards St. George’s bridge.prague_praha_travel_0060prague_praha_travel_0061The bridge entrance …prague_praha_travel_0062A violinist set the mood with his beautiful music as people of all ages traipsed along the romantically-lit bridge.prague_praha_travel_0063It was stunning. It was also fuh-RIGID. I think one would enjoy the evening stroll considerably-more in the warm weather.prague_praha_travel_0064After awhile longer in the crissssp, fresh air we stopped at a restaurant for a warm drink. We selected a spot that was playing “gypsy music” and looked pretty adorable. The waiter, when he found out we weren’t getting food, plunked us in the nosebleed section. Haha. Whatever man. We still enjoyed the tunes!prague_praha_travel_0065With our early start, we were tuckered out before too long and headed wearily back to our AirBnb for a solid night’s rest.
Next morning, we took our time rising, got ready, packed up, and headed out to break the fast. We found a cafe with lovely ambiance not too far from our doorstep.prague_praha_travel_0066I had french toast and bacon (a favorite combo of mine – I like sweet n savoury mixed), along with a fresh-squeezed juice and Americano.prague_praha_travel_0067Dane loaded up on protein.prague_praha_travel_0068All fueled up, we headed off for more touring. Crowds gathered around these 2, and I would’ve stared for awhile too if Dane didn’t explain the secret to me quite hastily.prague_praha_travel_0069Then there was this act – “Jazz No Problem”. Haha what a name. Their bluesy, soulful, jazz filled the Old Market Square and I got suckered into a CD. I’ve already listened to it twice and I so do not regret that purchase (even though their English is hilarious … “give me, the [a] kiss the [to] build a dream on” and “just a closer walk with tee [they mean thee]”). It’s blues so you can get away with anything. I love the trumpet mixed with the clarinet, mandolin, drums, guitar, etc. These dudes were rockin’ it.prague_praha_travel_0070prague_praha_travel_0071We walked through the Saturday Farmer’s Market. Oh man – was it ever amazing!! Everything you can think of is there in local, homemade form. Then we kept on truckin’ through the streets, loving every inch of the huge, immaculate, pastel buildings.prague_praha_travel_0072prague_praha_travel_0073prague_praha_travel_0074prague_praha_travel_0075prague_praha_travel_0076I had a particular thing for this green one …prague_praha_travel_0077prague_praha_travel_0078Seriously!prague_praha_travel_0079We made a java stop at Cafe Lounge, another recommendation from the foodie blog. (They could have been more creative with the name, but it was actually good.)prague_praha_travel_0080That didn’t quite warm me up enough so with a lemon/lime water (to go) in hand, we enjoyed our last few minutes soaking up the classic Praha scenes.prague_praha_travel_0081prague_praha_travel_0082And before we knew it we were back on our 7 hour train ride. Which is where I am as I type this, currently listening to several young lads who’ve clearly had too much to drink (one Canadian which makes me ashamed to be Canadian) and may not last the rest trip without getting the ol’ boot. We shall see.
Til next time, Prague.


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