There was a fairly lengthy stint of time where I was sitting cooped up in our flat working away like a little madwoman. (It’s quite convenient cuz I’ve got a second screen and a french press and grinder, so I can spread everything all over the kitchen table and drink coffee til my heart’s content.) But after awhile I started to wonder where the days were going and why I had still not seen much of our new city. So I decided to make a supreme effort to get out and work more in the cafes, and to take the occasional morning to actually explore Budapest.budapest_lifestyle_0325 budapest_lifestyle_0326
So far one of my definite favorites is a juice cafe called Tütü Juice Cafe – I will be hitting this little joint up on the reg. They make the juice right there in front of you a have an amazing selection of juice combos. Very reasonably priced too!budapest_lifestyle_0327 budapest_lifestyle_0328
This caesar salad + pizza were from a joint in the popular foodie area (Gozsdu Udvar) but I can’t seem to find the name of it. It was not baaaad.budapest_lifestyle_0329 budapest_lifestyle_0330
Sunday phots. We have had some special Sundayz and are definitely gonna miss our Canadian friends that have just left us!
Evenin’ strolls … lately I’ve been noticing shadows everywhere and kind of loving them.
The stunning Parliament building all lit up.
We discovered lángos …
This is traditional Hungarian street food – it’s basically deep-fried dough, with a layer of sour cream, garlic, and cheese. It’s actually so good. Probably because it’s made up of all things fatty!
budapest_lifestyle_0335 budapest_lifestyle_0336
We ate ours by this cozy, citified bonfire.
Definitely something you have to try at least once if you’re in Budapest.budapest_lifestyle_0338
Another morning we decided it was high time we discovered these “Buda Hills” everyone talks about. There’s many ways to explore them but we chose to head up to the Citadel (fortress) and the State Of Liberty.budapest_lifestyle_0340
The views on the way up are absolutely breath-taking, even on a dreary day.budapest_lifestyle_0341
(There’s Dane’s school! The green things poppin’ up.)budapest_lifestyle_0342
Much of the terrain on the way up looks like this. Stunning! And also a cardiac workout! You will definitely be puffing a bit by the time ya get to the top (gotta work off the lángos sometime though right).budapest_lifestyle_0343 budapest_lifestyle_0344
Finally we made it to the top. This photo isn’t the Statue Of Liberty – this is one of her side statues. I just thought the little Asian tourist on the right was a cute addition to the frame. Rain or shine, you can always count on the Asians to be sniffing out the historical sites, camera in hand, their whole posse taggin’ along :) Don’t mean it in a bad way – their ambition is hard to beat!
Budapest, you are a sight ❤ The way the river Danube runs through the center kinda reminds me of good ol’ Saskatch-atoon ;) Bridge City Numero Dos (or in Hungarian, Kettő).
budapest_lifestyle_0346 budapest_lifestyle_0347
After our little hike in the rain, we warmed our innards up at the Szent Gellért thermal baths.
Beautiful old pools (you thought I was gonna say men didn’t ya!)budapest_lifestyle_0349
There’s my beautiful old man ;) Almost 30!
budapest_lifestyle_0350 budapest_lifestyle_0351 budapest_lifestyle_0352
There is seriously everything bath-related you could ever think of here. There is an outdoor warm pool and sauna. There’s an indoor pool (requires bathing caps though) for the serious old ladies who do their aerobics and laps. There’s several different temperature levels of dry saunas. There’s pools of all different temperature ranges. There’s a hot hot hot steam room (my personal fav) and a fuh-reezing cold pool. There’s showers everywhere. Massage tables, the list goes on.
budapest_lifestyle_0353 budapest_lifestyle_0354 budapest_lifestyle_0355 budapest_lifestyle_0356
Beautiful as it was, I’m excited to check out Szechenyi and a few of the other bath houses. I think we may be in for a treat. Thermal baths are something Budapest is renowned for so we’ve definitely got a few more on the list.
After we had sweated and soaked away all of our cares, we decided it was time to confront the real world again.budapest_lifestyle_0358 budapest_lifestyle_0359
The Szent Gellért metro stop is another beaut of a station. The whole #4 metro line is a sight to behold actually … phenomenal architectural design and beautiful art.
I’m on a salad kick. Sometimes I get off the bandwagon for too long and then I have a wake-up call (AKA have to get into a swimsuit) and I’m like oops, yep, time to bring back the clean eats.
But of course moderation in all things (who am I kidding, not even moderation) so we do salads for lunch and Mexican for supper. Whatever man.budapest_lifestyle_0362
I had read that Gringos Amigos was the best Mexican food in town. Although the lady scooping our food was in such a rush she did a horrifyingly sloppy job, the food itself was pretty darn flavorful. They did somethin’ right.
And it’s a cute little joint to boot!
More adventures to come.


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