First Week In Budapest

We survived one week! Unfortunately I don’t have time to write a detailed report, so photos are gonna have to do the trick this go-round.

However, I will say, that this plate of “traditional Hungarian food” is every bit as greasy as it looks (and then some). So glad we have found other, less deep-fried options since this :)budapest_lifestyle_0064Outside our classy apartment…budapest_lifestyle_0065budapest_lifestyle_0066budapest_lifestyle_0067budapest_lifestyle_0068budapest_lifestyle_0069budapest_lifestyle_0070budapest_lifestyle_0071budapest_lifestyle_0072We learned that Metro Green Line 4 is all brand new and flippin’ beautiful. Blue Line – nat soo much.budapest_lifestyle_0073budapest_lifestyle_0074budapest_lifestyle_0075budapest_lifestyle_0076budapest_lifestyle_0077
Our dodgy area of town!budapest_lifestyle_0078
And this is NOT near where we live. Parliament building…budapest_lifestyle_0079budapest_lifestyle_0080budapest_lifestyle_0081I am obsessed with this stunning bridge.budapest_lifestyle_0082budapest_lifestyle_0083budapest_lifestyle_0084budapest_lifestyle_0085budapest_lifestyle_0086budapest_lifestyle_0087budapest_lifestyle_0088budapest_lifestyle_0089budapest_lifestyle_0090budapest_lifestyle_0091
Hungarian Festival we stumbled upon…budapest_lifestyle_0092budapest_lifestyle_0093budapest_lifestyle_0094budapest_lifestyle_0095
New York Cafe – kind of a tourist trap but kind of beautiful.budapest_lifestyle_0096budapest_lifestyle_0097budapest_lifestyle_0098budapest_lifestyle_0099budapest_lifestyle_0100budapest_lifestyle_0101budapest_lifestyle_0102budapest_lifestyle_0103So many streets to explore, so many blog posts to write – so little time!


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