So Long, Farewell

Our last week in Canada began with a visit to see 3 out of 4 grandmas.
But somehow managed to squeak in a visit with my long lost bud which was super thrilling!
Had a quick sleepover with these cuties …
Tuesday night dinner with the law kids …
Wednesday lunch at Leyda’s with one of my favorite girls ever (their bison burger is top notch in case you have not yet tried it) …
Thursday was a muddle of errands and packing our life into boxes …
Then a phenomenal dinner put on by an exceptional family …
Um yeah – just look at this superb meal!! Makes me drool just thinkin’ about it.
Musical geniuses in the making :)
Friday Dane and I packed like mad man/woman and somehow fit all of our stuff in his beater truck + trailer teal beauty + mint trailer and our Jetta.
( … was trying to capture how insanely the tarp was flying the whole drive down – the wind was out of control and we were short a few straps so it looked pretty hilarious cruising down #11.)
Then it was off to the storage place in Regina to unload AFAP (as fast as possible). Man, it doesn’t look like much when it’s shoved in a storage unit but it sure seems like a lot when you’re packing it into vehicles.
Home for a steak supper put on by momma bear. Was so glad to sneak in a visit with a family who I CANNOT wait to live close to when we come home!
Puttin’ on a show for the big boys.
One, two …
After weighing our bags with the bathroom scale and discovering we were terribly overweight, we spent a few of the wee hours trimming down and re-weighing (ugh, so against my nature to care about that stuff). Then at 4am or so, it was off the buzzing YQR airport.
These 2 champs dropped us off so bright dark and early.
When we made it to Toronto, we had a full day to kill. The normal us would have taken a train to downtown and explored but the ‘exhausted-after-the-last-two-week-marathon-of-life’ us decided to try and sleep on the airport floor (reality was about 1 hour of decent sleep).
Eventually we found a hearty breakfast diner. I LOL’d at the hot +horseradish bottles …
And then hit up the spa chairs for a free massage (I got a long-overdue pedi too) …
We killed a few more hours on airport wifi + amazing lounges in TO.
And finally boarded the plane to England and onward.
The whole travel time was 22 hours. Who would have guessed that the sleep-preventor on the longest flight wouldn’t be crying babies. Nope. It was one man who was watching hilarious TV and just diiiied laughing, all, night, long. I’m all for laughs but goodness-sakes I am pretty sure he had the whole plane wanted to throw him out the emergency exit.
Needless to say we arrived a bit haggered and really jet-lagged. But that’s traveling for ya. Getting there is half the fun/battle :)


2 thoughts on “So Long, Farewell

  1. Oh my goodness you guys sure made every last day in canada count! Just makes me tired thinking about it;) so fun to see all your travels! Take care!

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