October + November + December Via iPhone

Whoa – that’s a lot of months all in one. Whoopsie. Sorry folks, but it’s a little indication of how fast it all went. I actually feel a sense of relief having all this under our belt. Here goes…

We scouted out a pretty stellar location for this years Corporate Xmas party, this back in October. A new place just outside of Saskatoon called Crossmount. Seriously love what they are doing in this area.

IMG_0991 IMG_0997IMG_1008
An evening at Pike Lake with some friends.
Take 1…
Take 2…
Birthday lunch for a special guy.
Applying decals when it’s frigid requires a unique system!
What do ya know, he’s walkin’ the bike again!!
Workin’ from Regina cafe – Brewed Awakening
Drinks of choice!
Pedicures back when we had time for pedicures.
A series of hilarious snaps from my bro 😂 Seriously though. Is it just cuz he’s my brother that I find these so funny?
IMG_1086 IMG_0982IMG_0983IMG_1234
Found this too funny for my own good… 😂
Leyda’s pizza delivered to our door one day when I was extra tired.
The Safety Video I was filming for in previous posts … well the deadline snuck up on me pretty quick, meaning a 3am-the-night-before finish.IMG_1194
Shots From Our First Ever Annual Safety Summit
IMG_1199 IMG_1200 IMG_1201 IMG_1202 IMG_1203
Such a bossypants I am! 😁
IMG_1407 IMG_1204 IMG_1209
Mom’s birthday dessert at Calories!
IMG_1214 IMG_1260
Designs for Xmas Party favors
IMG_1273 IMG_1274
Always a good lunch at Leyda’s!
IMG_1284Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Snuck up north for a weekend to see these cuties!
IMG_1294 IMG_1296
Ahhh … nothin’ like fresh juice.
Winter walks and husbands that don’t like photos are the bomb.
IMG_1354 IMG_1357
Yoga project for Live Green pillar.
Walk in fresh BC air when out for Dane’s grandpas funeral.
IMG_0972 IMG_0975
Mugs in hand! Just in time!
IMG_1433 IMG_1435
Oh boy, this is me acting up a storm for a game we played at the Xmas party titiled “Guess Who”. We did mini skits mimicking certain people in the company and handed out prizes to whoever could guess who were acting as. It was actually fun to think of all the quirks people (including me) have and just laugh at/with them.
IMG_1493 IMG_1495 IMG_1496
This one took the cake for most embarrassing but probably also most hilarious. I was acting as Dad in the early am when he’s just went crazy on Richie Bros. IMG_1497
THRIVE! Thank goodness for Thrive during the week of the party. Back-to-back all-nighters left me depleted so this ultra-healthy food kept me going.
Little sis working hard on accounting in our other office. Seriously, she is a go-getter.
The day after our Xmas Party, we ripped to Regina for Dane’s new firm’s Xmas Party!
This here is feedback from my amazing Moksha mentor(s) from the whole fall. Yes, they took notes while I was teaching. Sometimes nerve-wracking but honestly was so incredibly helpful and I am forever grateful for their time.
A classic post-safety meeting shot. Love these guys.
The excess greenery was thrown together to make our front office a little more festive.

That’s a trimmed-down version of those 3 months 😛 Fun times.


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