August + September Via iPhone

Oh iPhone… comin’ to the rescue for lazy old me pretty much all fall. These are a few memories from August and September that I love even though I don’t have hi-qual shots to remember them by.

Drift with my favorite sister-in-law ❤ Ain’t she cute!

IMG_0005 IMG_0006
Roadies to Calgary – I think this mighta been an IKEA trip ;)IMG_0044
Hoodoos on the way home!
IMG_0055  IMG_0063 IMG_0080
Funny snapshots from my brothers… I have quite the collection. (DT’s is the restaurant in Eston that a lot of our crew lives off of.)
Visiting husband in Regina shop.
How this conversation went…
Dane: ok that’s enough pictures already
Me: wait wait I didn’t get it yet
Dane: **walks away, refusing
Me: Daaaane!
Dane: what, seriously, how would you like it if I was always snapping photos of you
Me: I’d love it!
Dane: ok give me the phone
**snaps a million photos (too many to post!)

IMG_0094 IMG_0097
Calzones and Caesar Salad at Cappana Pizzeria in Saskatoon.IMG_0113IMG_0114
Another funny snapchat 😂 Not funny for the boy fixing though.
Riveting work projects …
We moved in September! From one basement suite to another 😂 Every time we move, I go through a phase of utter chaos until I get it looking/feeling half decent. Usually there’s about 3-5 art projects on the go, newspaper and paint everywhere, plus unpacked boxes and laundry piling up … huge mess.
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Another supper out at Seoul – Korean BBQ restaurant in Saskatoon.IMG_0130 IMG_0132
A trip to Regina and meals with the Afflecks one weekend – our Aussie counterparts are expert pavlova makers ❤ Drool.IMG_0157
Everybody has a serious love on for baby Z.

Oh and this gaffer! Not short of admirers.
IMG_0175 IMG_0177 IMG_0178
GROW project begins…

Pretty drives through the prairies ❤
IMG_0225 IMG_0226 IMG_0229
Lunch date at Ayden with my favorite gal.

We love their all-beef hotdog with cream cheese, avocado, sriracha, sprouts, etc. Deadly combo.IMG_0233
Ok this selfie only happened because I was cruising the town in a Porsche!! Wow – I do have a new favorite vehicle. I thought I only liked old vehicles until I ripped around in one of these.IMG_0234
Yoga teaching begins! This was the first of many practice teaches. Thankful for the friends that supported me throughout the fall ❤
Pretty obvious which bro this one came from. Yep, he gets spoiled! (My husband is not so lucky!)

GROW project continues…

Spoiled with a precious gift … ❤

I can be domesticated (it’s just low on my list of priorities!) …
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
IMG_0481 IMG_0482IMG_0508IMG_0510IMG_0512
A sign for our office to inspire us 2 gals …
Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset
September babies!
Ma’s pies ❤
It’s a good weekend when you’re sent home with a ton of canned goods from your ambitious mother! Applesauce, relishes, jams, syrups – all homemade!IMG_0553


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