YQR Weekend

Sometimes you just need a dose of fresh country air. We spent the morning trying to catch Ash’s stubborn little pony. He was having none of it …IMG_9777 Though the next door neighbor horseys were pretty friendly.IMG_9778 IMG_9780 IMG_9782 IMG_9785 IMG_9787 IMG_9769 IMG_9772 IMG_9789 After a morning outdoors, we took a little jaunt into the city for a good cup of coffee… (Teegy bein’ a little lady and sippin’ my cappuccino).IMG_9798 Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetSo much love for this lady ❤Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset At the cafe, we ran into a fine, young chap who is starting up the Wheelhouse Cycle Club in Regina. He gave us a little tour of the new place which is going to be siiick – follow them on Insta and stay tuned for the grand opening.IMG_9802I look at this picture and just melt – Royal is soo darn sweet and miniature! He is just too darling!! IMG_9803
Squash for daaays!IMG_9805 A feast with a whole lotta tomatoes, garlic, onions, and overall goodness.IMG_9811 Ah these two!! ❤IMG_9813 IMG_9817 Since the morning attempt was a flop (might have had somethin’ to do with the excitable pipsqueaks tagging along) us 3 ladies went for round 2. Havin’ a hoot luring in fat/shy/ornery Dusty … we like to think of ourselves as horse whisperers!IMG_9823 IMG_9829 Once we got him, he was lovin’ all the attention!IMG_9845 IMG_9862 IMG_9863 The Phantom Drone II – excited to play with this thang!IMG_9887 IMG_9889 IMG_9891 IMG_9894 IMG_9896 Dad has always loved the latest and greatest in techy stuff, which I used to think was nerdy but now I think it’s pretty cool.IMG_9899 My slim jim sista (why is it that when we wanna run outside real quick, we gravitate towards the boy’s humongous boots instead of our own regular-fitting shoes? I do it all the time too. Haha). IMG_9901 I ❤ this view so much.IMG_9902 IMG_9906 IMG_9907
A weekend well spent ❤


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