Seafood Boil

We finally got around to doing the locally-famous seafood boil at Bon Temps. One chilly Monday night, we cozied into the quiet joint for an evening of soulful, live music and food-baby inducing eats. The atmosphere was just lovely. I love the decor of this spot.
DSC01625 DSC01626We started off with a bowl of traditional gumbo. DSC01627Followed by a motherload of crawfish, shrimp, mussels, lobster, sausage, potatoes and corn … dumped directly on the table, giving us every excuse to indulge in sheer, dirty-fingered gluttony.DSC01649 DSC01651 DSC01658
One round of greasy glasses comin’ right up …DSC01668 DSC01669 DSC01673 DSC01674It all turns into a pretty messy little affair.  DSC01680But our classy company didn’t seem to mind :P DSC01682 DSC01683 DSC01687 DSC01688
We stuffed ourselves with as much salty seafood as our stomachs could handle, and packaged up the remainder to drop off at The Lighthouse down the road.DSC01690 DSC01692
And that was that! Definitely a fun evening that every Sasktoonawite should try at least once.


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