It’s A Good Life

Way back in like, July of last year I got an email from GoodLife Fitness wondering if I’d be interested in participating in their blogger ambassador program. I was like of course! – – – but then I got engaged, married, and so on, and before I knew it, the offer had expired and I hadn’t even taken advantage.

But luckily GoodLife gave me another opportunity to try out their facility, and it works out quite nicely because my married life brought me pretty much right next door to one of their awesome gyms! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every trip, whether 20 minutes or 2 hours, that I’ve made to the gym. Feels so good to get a little more active – it helps me think more clearly.

DSC01478I’m not the best with schedules so I haven’t made it to a ton of the group classes like I hoped, but I did try out their yoga class and RPM spin class. Though the yoga was challenging and lovely, I think I’ll always prefer a yoga studio (particularly hot) over gym yoga. Just a little different environment and mentality around the yoga-dedicated studios.

The spin class, however, was absolutely terrific. I can’t wait to get back for another! There’s nothing like pump up music + someone hollering at you to go hard + everyone around you peddling their butts off to get you motivated.

I’m also a big fan of Woman’s Only area because I feel like I can go harder when big, jacked men aren’t lurking in the shadows. Not that there’s anything wrong with big, jacked men. Just a personal preference.

DSC01481I guess the lingering question here is why in the world would GoodLife even consider me as an ambassador – right? I attempt to stay active and I adore learning about food/nutrition, but I’m certainly not one of those fitness buffs that dedicates her life to being ripped-as. (In fact, I really did not know what sort of photos I would use to accompany with this post. The gym selfies … I’m just not there folks. I opted for a photo of a very exciting wedding gift Dane and I recieved – the Vitamix!! We use it every day. Also shown is one of two amazing paintings we got as a wedding gift. We are fortunate to have very artistic friends.)

DSC01494 DSC01497Anyway back to my point … GoodLife wants to appeal to all shapes, sizes, and lifestyles. They strive to create an undiscriminating environment where even the largest of folks can feel 100% comfortable. And trust me, there are some large ones (but good on em for gettin’ to the gym – I love that they are making a change). From what I’ve seen, GoodLife’s vision is very much alive amongst its employees. They make an extra effort to greet each person warmly (more-so than I have seen at other gyms) and the trainers are super motivating.


Post workout selfie. Whatever.

On another side note, I finally got around to watching the Fed Up documentary. It’s good to remember that even if you are active person, if your diet sucks, your health sucks. I am famous for sneaking chocolates and desserts so sometimes I need a good kick in the butt to remind me to tone it down.

I learned that 4g of sugar is equal to 1 sugar cube or 1 tsp. Check the packaging on the next food item you eat. You might be appalled at just how much sugar is in it. The absolute worst are pasteurized juices that are marketed to be healthy and full of vitamins. The sugar content is insanely high and you miss all the fiber that would normally accompany the fruit. On top of that, the pasteurization process kills the enzymes and the power of the nutrients is weakened.

So yeah. You won’t see me promoting Vitamin Water here (32 grams of sugar – aka 8 tsp – aka so not even remotely worth it). But GoodLife? I think soo!


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