Foodie Dates

If you know me, you know there are two things (among others, but these two especially) that I absolutely love.
Date nights and [good] food.

Leyda’s never disappoints. I love their healthy, wholesome, flavorful, balanced menu.

DSC01380 DSC01383 DSC01385 No doggie bag needed…DSC01387They also have an unbeatable carrot cake that I still drool over.DSC01389 DSC01391In Edmonton, my husband and I tried out Meat. As the name suggests, their specialty is meat – tender, mouth-watering, smoked meat.DSC01405 DSC01402They also had a series of home-made sauces…DSC01395 DSC01397Mouthwatering salad … DSC01398They aren’t too fussed about presentation. We chose an apple bourbon porkchop (thick n juicy, not the kind you buy for $3 from Walmart) and beef brisket. Tender like you wouldn’t believe. And garlic fries made with real garlic (I’m a big fan of real garlic by the way… unlike the rest of my family… hey I married a Ukrainian so maybe I can blame it on that!). And a huuuge dill pickle.
Meat lovers must try this place.DSC01399 The next day, after a big sleep-in and an extremely leisurely morning/afternoon with our buddies in Edmonton, we went for a little snacky-poo. The place we wanted to hit was actually closed so we settled for a nearby option which proved to be a delight. Dane and I had a smoked salmon/caper/pear pizza. DSC01406DSC01411 DSC01409 The name of the place was Tiramisu, so naturally we had to try out their tiramisu! DSC01414 DSC01415 DSC01417After some shopping at WEM, we settled in for a cozy night of Ticket To Ride, Heads Up, and so on. We seriously were having such a good time playing Heads Up that 2:00am came around and we didn’t even notice. Nerds? I think so. DSC01424We had a quick lunch before saying our goodbyes to this lovely couple, and hittin’ the old dusty trail. IMG_8985 IMG_8986 IMG_8987Sar and I also hit up Ayden one day on our lunch break. We had a decadent potato soup and a salad with ample greens and deep fried onion flakes. Some restaurants just really got it figured out and Ayden is one of them. DSC01430 DSC01432And those are [a few] of my food adventures to date.


2 thoughts on “Foodie Dates

  1. u know it…..i’m gonna comment …. LOVE the food shots…
    i would love to meet you on a yummy date sometime….yu me and manda and sara. lets do it!!!!

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