❤ 09.20.2014 // Mile 12 // Big Sky Rail ❤
A handful of close family and friends. Dane. Me. A couple rings. And a whole lotta heart.

I’m not one of those girls who planned my wedding since I was a little girl (ok, I defs had a secret Pinterest board floppin’ around, but in this day and age that’s just what you do). However when I discovered Mile 12, I knew it was special. It wasn’t long after that I found myself engaged for real. We put ourselves under the gun a little and planned our wedding in just over a month, so I was glad to at least have the ceremony location figured out :) Our day turned out to be pleasantly sunny, warm and I think, pretty beautiful ❤ And fun. I had fun anyway!

One of the greatest things that happened while wedding planning, was a little text to my friend Becah from TO. I told her our big news and asked if she’d be interested in shooting. Viola. We had her ticket booked and she was a’comin’. And I am soo glad she did. These images are the fruits of her labor and I love em ❤ Hope you enjoy a little glimpse into our day.

affleck-7956 affleck-7978 affleck-7982 affleck-7987 affleck-7999 affleck-8011 affleck-8063 affleck-8072 affleck-8077 affleck-8089 affleck-8100 affleck-8107 affleck-8110 affleck-8117 affleck-8119 affleck-8135

The bridesmaids, little ones, my parents and myself >> all came in on the little engine. I brought my favourite engineer out to run it but when the moment came, he said get in, you’re drivin’ >> so I did. Afterwards, he gave some of the guests a wee run.

affleck-8141 affleck-8160affleck-8166 affleck-8170 affleck-8175 affleck-8179 affleck-8196  affleck-8203 affleck-8253 affleck-8304 affleck-8320 affleck-8322 affleck-8342 affleck-8344 affleck-8353 affleck-8362 affleck-8365 affleck-8368 affleck-8389 affleck-8404 affleck-8407 affleck-8420 affleck-8431 affleck-8436 affleck-8449 affleck-8451 affleck-8463 affleck-8507 affleck-8514 affleck-8523 affleck-8525 affleck-8530  Is it ok if this picture makes me giggle? Oh kids…affleck-8552 affleck-8559 affleck-8573 affleck-8715 affleck-8730 affleck-8742 This right here, is hands down, my favourite shot of the day.affleck-8759affleck-8779 affleck-8789 affleck-8797 affleck-8805 affleck-8815 affleck-8829 affleck-8834 affleck-8844 affleck-8851 affleck-8854 affleck-8860 affleck-8865 affleck-8877 affleck-8895 affleck-8900 affleck-8910 affleck-8912 affleck-8921 affleck-8928 affleck-8932 affleck-8935 affleck-8952 affleck-8956 affleck-8960 This stache deserved a special frame of it’s own.affleck-8959affleck-9003 affleck-9015 affleck-9022 affleck-9027 affleck-9040 affleck-9057 One of the craziest things about our day was how the reception came together. I booked the venue, and then realized that they were open for biznass til 430-5pm. And we wanted to do supper at like 6pm in hopes that it wouldn’t run too too late. Soo. We had to be pretty organized. I boxed everything up, labeled like crazy, and did up a binder with full-on instructions. Then I gave a few point-people a boatload of responsibility and basically said here, delegate for me. Luckily, everyone was extremely helpful and amazing and when we walked in, it looked like this…affleck-9069 affleck-9076 affleck-9078 affleck-9079 affleck-9084 affleck-9093 affleck-9097 affleck-9098 affleck-9099 affleck-9100 affleck-9115 affleck-9124 affleck-9139 affleck-9152 affleck-9162 affleck-9177 affleck-9190 affleck-9208 affleck-9216 affleck-9235 affleck-9260 affleck-9268 affleck-9274 affleck-9302 affleck-9304 affleck-9337 affleck-9338 affleck-9344 affleck-9349 affleck-9356 affleck-9365 affleck-9379 affleck-9382 affleck-9391 affleck-9396 affleck-9398 affleck-9402 affleck-9431 affleck-9466 affleck-9482 affleck-9484 affleck-9506 affleck-9510 affleck-9514There you have it. One incredible day with a lot of incredible people ❤



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