Duck Hunting

For us, the annual duck hunting weekend started off with a tragic accident. We came upon the scene of a horrific collision that involved a drunk driver and innocent girl. The drunk lived and the girl died. I will probably never forget turning the corner on the highway and all of the sudden, seeing two burning vehicles and a man laying limp in between them. We had to swerve hard to miss it all. It was a sickening and anxious scene. I still feel awful for the poor family that lost their daughter.


When we finally arrived, the hunting began. It was so refreshing to be out in the open air. I didn’t even care if we were gettin’ anything.

IMG_7910IMG_7906  IMG_7916 IMG_7917IMG_7921 IMG_7919

Most exotic animal award? IMG_7925IMG_7931 IMG_7929 IMG_7933 IMG_7935 IMG_7938 IMG_7940 IMG_7941 IMG_7944 IMG_7945 IMG_7954 IMG_7943 IMG_7978 IMG_7946 IMG_7951 IMG_7984 IMG_7987 IMG_7990 IMG_7993 IMG_7994 IMG_7997 IMG_8001 IMG_8004 IMG_8006 IMG_8011

One of the best things about being married …

IMG_8029Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetIMG_8101

Sunday mornin’


Suiting up to film our hit version of “Amish Paradise”

IMG_8034IMG_8038IMG_8041IMG_8148Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

Paintballing the balloons off each other’s heads …


We even made it home to Regina in time for Mom’s lunch and famous pumpkin pie.


Teegs knows that one of the perks of hangin’ around in the kitchen is slurping the whipped cream off the beaters. Mmm mm.


We just so happened to wiiin the big music video competition :) I’ll post that next :)


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