The Proposal

Thursday, August 7, 2014. He popped the question.

amanda_affleck_photos_1334 amanda_affleck_photos_1335

Dane spent the summer working out of Regina so planning a Saskatoon proposal meant he needed some help. His friends went waaaaay above and beyond helping. They flippin’ worked their hineys off to set up the most beautiful little area where we spent the evening. It was so.crazy.


Complete with a BBQ, generator (hidden in a bush with wood covering it to drown the sound), extension cords strewn all over the woods to light the place up, candles everywhere, flowers everywhere, a little firepit and wood … it went on and on and on. So much work.


Kebabs and salade.

amanda_affleck_photos_1338 amanda_affleck_photos_1339

People always asked if I saw it coming. The truth is, I kinda did. He was dropping some mad hints about marriage and we had discussed it (and all the benefits) quite often. Buuut, the night he did it, shocked me. It was the most impractical day for him to do it. We were flying out to Van from Regina on Saturday, and he randomly drove up to Saskatoon on the Thursday evening before (he had to work Friday) just to do this. I guess it’s not “just”. It’s kind of a huge deal. But you know what I mean.


It was a beautiful evening ❤ I hope I never forget the image of him sitting on the lit-up, rope-wrapped bench, with a big bunch of roses and a nervous grin.


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We decided we wanted to get married soon, so we quickly got to work on planning. The ceremony would be at Mile 12 – my favorite place on the railroad.


I began throwing together some decor.

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We had a few other weddings to attend before our own as well!


Adorable little dollies at the wedding ❤



A quick overnight stay in Bonnyville with this little munchkin.


Good brunch food at Nosh one day ❤


More wedding planning!! I loved these compostable plates. So much cuter than Chinette or styro.


amanda_affleck_photos_1352  amanda_affleck_photos_1354




Prepping the ceremony site with incredibly helpful friends ❤




Real life didn’t stop either. Apparently I had squeezed every last kilometer out of my tires (the one on the right). This was the disposal pile. Normal people’s tires on the left. My tires on the right. Good thing my husband is a Kijiji fanatic and found some replacements for 10 dolla!


And so the whirlwind continued!!!


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