Pocket Bike Punjabi

Never a dull moment with Dane and his boys. One random night they decided to turn their old warehouse (ongoing renos) into a pocket bike track…


amanda_affleck_photos_1285 amanda_affleck_photos_1283amanda_affleck_photos_1287amanda_affleck_photos_1286 amanda_affleck_photos_1284    amanda_affleck_photos_1288 amanda_affleck_photos_1289amanda_affleck_photos_1294 amanda_affleck_photos_1290 amanda_affleck_photos_1291

amanda_affleck_photos_1292 amanda_affleck_photos_1293

This stash is becoming a legend…

amanda_affleck_photos_1295 amanda_affleck_photos_1296 amanda_affleck_photos_1297 amanda_affleck_photos_1298 amanda_affleck_photos_1299 amanda_affleck_photos_1300 amanda_affleck_photos_1301 amanda_affleck_photos_1302 amanda_affleck_photos_1303

Don’t ya hate it when your leg gets caught on the Rubbermaid?

amanda_affleck_photos_1304 amanda_affleck_photos_1305 amanda_affleck_photos_1306 amanda_affleck_photos_1307 amanda_affleck_photos_1308 amanda_affleck_photos_1309 amanda_affleck_photos_1310 amanda_affleck_photos_1311 amanda_affleck_photos_1312 amanda_affleck_photos_1313

We also took a tour of the creepy little basement. Ick. Brought back childhood memories (scarring times) of Student Leadership trips to Fort San.

amanda_affleck_photos_1314 amanda_affleck_photos_1315 amanda_affleck_photos_1316


amanda_affleck_photos_1318 amanda_affleck_photos_1319 amanda_affleck_photos_1320 amanda_affleck_photos_1317

Saturday was a beauty day on the lake.


Just darling.

amanda_affleck_photos_1322 amanda_affleck_photos_1323

This is how graceful I am on a surf board.

amanda_affleck_photos_1324 amanda_affleck_photos_1325

And then there’s him.

amanda_affleck_photos_1326 amanda_affleck_photos_1327 amanda_affleck_photos_1328 amanda_affleck_photos_1329

I love The Hollows more for their Sunday brunch than for their Saturday night supper. Waay cheaper and soo freakin’ delicious.

amanda_affleck_photos_1330 amanda_affleck_photos_1331 amanda_affleck_photos_1332

Normal, right?



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