(Almost) Everything Before The Engagement

Since my last post, I got engaged, planned the wedding, got married, honeymoon’d, and moved in with my husband (still weird to call him that). Soo our busy summer got even crazier! I’m just gonna do a big catchup post today with odds and ends from before any of that even happened. Then I’ll do separate posts for those momentous events :)


Another lovely Poached breakfast with my flight attendant friend.



Healthy supper with my roomie at Odd Couple.




Followed by a somewhat naughty dessert at Leyda’s.


Homemade suppa – maple/dijon/garlic salmon, brown pasta salad, asparagus


Another date at Odd Couple :)


Supper Date at CBH one night ❤


Calgary Stampede Weekend ❤


Steph and Michelle at their Dream Home Exhibit – not only are these twin sisters incredibly gorgeous, they’re incredibly talented – look em up!


All the art featured throughout the dream home was created by these girls ❤


amanda_affleck_photos_1209 amanda_affleck_photos_1215 amanda_affleck_photos_1214 amanda_affleck_photos_1213 amanda_affleck_photos_1212 amanda_affleck_photos_1211

Yep. All mind blowing pieces ❤ Seriously don’t know how they do it.


Peanut and chocolate covered banana at Stampede – mmm mm!

amanda_affleck_photos_1216 amanda_affleck_photos_1217 amanda_affleck_photos_1218 amanda_affleck_photos_1219

A sweet new(ish – we’re not locals anymore so kinda out of the loop) restaurant in Calgs. We met Dane’s law friends for a delicious lunch.

amanda_affleck_photos_1220 amanda_affleck_photos_1222

Had to see what the hype about Village Ice Cream was – it did not disappoint.


Things took a turn for the heartbreaking on the way home – the ol Coron’s finally let us down. In the middle of nowhere.

amanda_affleck_photos_1224 amanda_affleck_photos_1225 amanda_affleck_photos_1226

Such a sad time (seriously, why is he doing thumbs up?) …


We ended up hitchhiking home and made it back to the city about 2am. Dropped off on Ring Road Regina, hauled all our stuff to the nearest Timmy Hoes (was severely wishing I had packed lighter that weekend) and caught a cab. Back to work in Saskatoon by 8am. Oh the adventures!


Haha ❤ ❤


A beautiful wedding celebration ❤


I loved V’s bouquet – all of the brooches had some sort of meaning, including the little pocket photo of her late father.

amanda_affleck_photos_1231 amanda_affleck_photos_1232 amanda_affleck_photos_1233 amanda_affleck_photos_1234

A random story I won’t get into – but I spent a morning getting a personal, very thorough tour of the Sask Rail Museum. It’s so cute.

amanda_affleck_photos_1235 amanda_affleck_photos_1236 amanda_affleck_photos_1237 amanda_affleck_photos_1238

My brother sent me this shot of one of our switcher locos (this is the type I drove up to our wedding ceremony!). Beauty…


Oh my. Earth Bound Bakery lunches never disappoint ❤ I love their constantly new salad combos.


Dropping off some engineers one day …


Since Dane was working in Regina this summer,I spent a TON of time on the road going back and forth … so I got fairly well re-acquainted with the homestead.


Little XT rides ❤

Processed with VSCOcam

Spent a few days trying to help the machine woman get the White City shop re-organized.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Little Brooklyn – always striking a pose – haha :)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Little Joe – always grinning … :P

amanda_affleck_photos_1247 amanda_affleck_photos_1246

Spoiled at work with chocolate! How sweet hey!?


Quick photo opp with the Prime Ministah :) No big D.


We had a derailment on one of our railroads early August. It was in the middle of nowhere and extremely hot that week. Our men were working crazy hard to get it all cleaned up and the nearest restaurant would have been a good 30-45 minutes away (mega waste of precious time). So I got real busy and cooked them some lunches and suppers. Put quite a few kms on the ol Buick that week but I think it was worth it :)

amanda_affleck_photos_1251 amanda_affleck_photos_1252 amanda_affleck_photos_1253

Then we had Emma weekend (already blogged those pics) and the same weekend was our beautiful friends’ wedding. And I mean beauuutiful.

amanda_affleck_photos_1254 amanda_affleck_photos_1255 amanda_affleck_photos_1256

Little sistars.

amanda_affleck_photos_1257 amanda_affleck_photos_1258 amanda_affleck_photos_1260 amanda_affleck_photos_1259 amanda_affleck_photos_1261 amanda_affleck_photos_1262 amanda_affleck_photos_1263 amanda_affleck_photos_1264 amanda_affleck_photos_1265 amanda_affleck_photos_1266

Oh my. “Fried Ham Fried Ham…” one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen …

amanda_affleck_photos_1267 amanda_affleck_photos_1268 amanda_affleck_photos_1269 amanda_affleck_photos_1270 amanda_affleck_photos_1271 amanda_affleck_photos_1272 amanda_affleck_photos_1274

Letting off paper lanterns …

amanda_affleck_photos_1276 amanda_affleck_photos_1277 amanda_affleck_photos_1278 amanda_affleck_photos_1279 amanda_affleck_photos_1280 amanda_affleck_photos_1281

Back to RD for the night and then back home for another week of work!


Lots more adventures to come ❤


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