Turn Your Face Toward The Sun

Might as well start with the food. To-Go barley and kale salad.


amanda_affleck_photos_1013 amanda_affleck_photos_1014 amanda_affleck_photos_1015

I’m just so happy to be in a kitchen where I can cook my simple one-person meals. My energy level was taking a beating trying to survive on the healthiest items from fast food places (12 grain bagels at Tims, salads and wraps at Mackers, Booster Juice smoothies). Nothin’ like real food.

amanda_affleck_photos_1016 amanda_affleck_photos_1017 amanda_affleck_photos_1018


Ohh I love you baby Royal ❤

amanda_affleck_photos_1019 amanda_affleck_photos_1020

Even with your cellulite bum … ;)


Mosaic in Regina – I love-loved the Ukranian pavillion.

amanda_affleck_photos_1022 amanda_affleck_photos_1023

Costume after costume … this isn’t even all of them. Soo cool ❤

amanda_affleck_photos_1024 amanda_affleck_photos_1025 amanda_affleck_photos_1026

Keeping Number 11 Hot

amanda_affleck_photos_1027 amanda_affleck_photos_1028 amanda_affleck_photos_1029 amanda_affleck_photos_1030 amanda_affleck_photos_1031 amanda_affleck_photos_1032

Morning Stretches with this beautiful light ❤

amanda_affleck_photos_1033 amanda_affleck_photos_1034

A random shot from dirtbiking weekend. Poor V was wiiiped (fallin’ asleep at the comp).


Wedding Season is here ❤


These two special people ❤


“One-shot wonder” does not describe us.

amanda_affleck_photos_1038Was diggin’ the Poloroid images though – so fun ❤

amanda_affleck_photos_1039 amanda_affleck_photos_1040 amanda_affleck_photos_1041

Coffee at Le Macaron with a very special old friend ❤

amanda_affleck_photos_1042 amanda_affleck_photos_1043

Energetic little Milan ❤ ❤

amanda_affleck_photos_1044 amanda_affleck_photos_1045 amanda_affleck_photos_1046 amanda_affleck_photos_1047

Always good to be reunited ❤



Don’t ask ❤


Oops. How could I forget. We also had a lovely weekend in Red Deer recently.


Dane took me on a big walk of the perimiter of this golf course he worked at most of his youth ❤

amanda_affleck_photos_1052 amanda_affleck_photos_1053

So beautiful.

amanda_affleck_photos_1054 amanda_affleck_photos_1055 amanda_affleck_photos_1056

We cycled down some of RD’s amazing paths to Ramzi’s birthday party …

amanda_affleck_photos_1057 amanda_affleck_photos_1058

And then Sunday was the annual Father’s Day Lobster Feast ❤

amanda_affleck_photos_1059 amanda_affleck_photos_1060 amanda_affleck_photos_1061 amanda_affleck_photos_1062

So fun to see these two soon-to-be-weds ❤ Such a sweet duo.


We’ll have one more reason to visit TO :)

amanda_affleck_photos_1064 amanda_affleck_photos_1065

There. That’s all. For now.


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