On The Line

Last week (or the week before, I can’t member, everything’s blurring together) … I jumped at the chance to do a project that would allow me to get some promotional snaps for the biz. I love Big Sky Rail country.

Getting there is half the fun. I ❤ gravel roads and fresh, country air.

amanda_affleck_photos_0907 amanda_affleck_photos_0908 amanda_affleck_photos_0910

amanda_affleck_photos_0911 amanda_affleck_photos_0912

This is your fair warning. There’s going to be way too many pics of my favorite spot in the entire world coming up.

amanda_affleck_photos_0913 amanda_affleck_photos_0914 amanda_affleck_photos_0915 amanda_affleck_photos_0917

amanda_affleck_photos_0918 amanda_affleck_photos_0920 amanda_affleck_photos_0921 amanda_affleck_photos_0922 amanda_affleck_photos_0923

amanda_affleck_photos_0925 amanda_affleck_photos_0926 amanda_affleck_photos_0928 amanda_affleck_photos_0929 amanda_affleck_photos_0932

What did I tell you! I couldn’t get enough … in love with this place.


More back road scenery ❤

amanda_affleck_photos_0935 amanda_affleck_photos_0936 amanda_affleck_photos_0937 amanda_affleck_photos_0938 amanda_affleck_photos_0939 amanda_affleck_photos_0940 amanda_affleck_photos_0941 amanda_affleck_photos_0942 amanda_affleck_photos_0943 amanda_affleck_photos_0945 amanda_affleck_photos_0946 amanda_affleck_photos_0947

amanda_affleck_photos_0950 amanda_affleck_photos_0951 amanda_affleck_photos_0952

Glidden Oil Transloading

amanda_affleck_photos_0953 amanda_affleck_photos_0954

After a full day on Big Sky, I spent the next day between Saskatoon and Regina, and popped in on yet another transload day.


I was literally crawling up and down and in between every inch of the locos (which are grease covered). After wrecking 2 sets of clothes, I learned my lesson and picked up the only pair of coveralls that fit from Peavey … they just so happened to be pink :)


But they did the trick. I felt much better under the locos!

amanda_affleck_photos_0956 amanda_affleck_photos_0957 amanda_affleck_photos_0959

And that’s my little field trip. Actually I put on almost 900kms so it wasn’t all that little!

PS – I have an excess of photos from life lately. I just have to get time to blog em all! Don’t give up on me … someday I’ll get my flow back :P


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