Medley of May

As usual, this post is heavily polluted with food pics ;) I’m a fat kid at heart.


There’s a new eatery in town ❤ and it’s called Nosh and I love it.

amanda_affleck_photos_0863 amanda_affleck_photos_0864

Leopold’s (used to be Fainting Goat)

amanda_affleck_photos_0865 amanda_affleck_photos_0866 amanda_affleck_photos_0867

Regina Symphony ❤ Loooved this.

amanda_affleck_photos_0868 amanda_affleck_photos_0869

We made mom a lunch on Mother’s Day …

amanda_affleck_photos_0870 amanda_affleck_photos_0871 amanda_affleck_photos_0872

Salmon looked a little sad :S

amanda_affleck_photos_0873 amanda_affleck_photos_0874 amanda_affleck_photos_0875 amanda_affleck_photos_0876

Supper at Greko’s so she didn’t have to cook!



Worked out of Regina one day last week on a special project. Regina = lunch date with my missing boyfriend ❤

amanda_affleck_photos_0892 amanda_affleck_photos_0889 amanda_affleck_photos_0891 amanda_affleck_photos_0890

Helping out at the Transload in Aylesbury ❤

amanda_affleck_photos_0893 amanda_affleck_photos_0894 amanda_affleck_photos_0895


And then off to Invermere for a weekend at the cabin!

amanda_affleck_photos_0898 amanda_affleck_photos_0897

I made some bad calls so most of the weekend my camera was dead :(

amanda_affleck_photos_0879 amanda_affleck_photos_0880

Sleeping Beauties …


Supper out with my roomies at Congress :D

amanda_affleck_photos_0882 amanda_affleck_photos_0883 amanda_affleck_photos_0884 amanda_affleck_photos_0885 amanda_affleck_photos_0886 amanda_affleck_photos_0887 amanda_affleck_photos_0888

We be movin’ … can’t wait for a spacious room, ahhhh!


Run around the river, such a pretty route ❤

amanda_affleck_photos_0900 amanda_affleck_photos_0901 amanda_affleck_photos_0902 amanda_affleck_photos_0903 amanda_affleck_photos_0904 amanda_affleck_photos_0905 amanda_affleck_photos_0906


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