La Modern Memoire

Alright folks … this is my big “here goes nothing” moment. For several years now, I’ve been kind of annoyed that no one has invented something like this. I kept thinking if I waited awhile, surely it would show up on the market. But it hasn’t. So I decided to upload my idea to Quirky, and see what happens. Now’s about the time when I could really use YOUR vote:


So what is my idea? Well it addresses something I see as a problem …

The Problem
When’s the last time you printed off a bunch of photos, filed them in a photo album, had a bunch of friends over and flipped through them, fondly remembering the experiences? 
No matter how many versions of online photo sharing are invented, it is hard to replace the old-fashioned combo of a good photo album, the intimacy of your home, your dinner company, and the story-telling aspect of showing your images.

What are the chances of us printing our shots nowadays? The everyday photos? Not a chance! Holiday photos? Well, upon arriving home from our incredible vacation in a tropical Cuba, we eagerly get going on shutterfly, designing a beautiful album that we plan to display on our coffee table … but halfway through the design progress, work/kids/laundry/real life gets in the way and the creation sits stale in cyberspace.

The reality is, we need simple. Really simple.

Enter La Modern Memoire ... The Solution.


La Modern Memoire is a hybrid/inspiration of the following:
-the iPad photo system (simple, clean, flick through images with your finger)
-the gorgeous iPad covers from BookBook (
-the Kindle (in the sense that it is a tablet created with one purpose, NOT a multi-functioning device)

Why wouldn’t I just buy and iPad and a BookBook case, and call it a day?
a) because La Modern Memoire is more affordable than an iPad
b) because I don’t want people snooping through my emails, playing games, or surfing the web on this device. It is a conversation creator, and it’s sole purpose is to display photos (but in a more modern, accessible way than printed albums)


I can’t stress enough that the device is meant to be a conversation creator … not just another distracting gadget that stifles true connection.


Do not be mistaken. La Modern Memoire is not the place to DUMP all 700 of your Jamaica photos, only to bore your poor guests into the wee hours. No – this device is for the 75 carefully-selected images that you would willingly spend $0.29/each to print (if you had the time to wait in queue and fart around at your local photo lab).


Can’t you just picture this beautiful little book sitting on your coffee table?


If you want to see this idea come to fruition, I need your vote!!

Click here to vote!

Find the thumbs up, click it, and then either Log In with Facebook or make a Quirky account. I will love ya forever if you help me make this a reality!


One thought on “La Modern Memoire

  1. Great idea! Way to go on a bright idea and taking a chance and just going for it! I am a firm believer:) Going through the steps of our own ‘aha let’s go for it’ venture we have already learned there is much to be gained from just getting started.
    Cheers and may the votes stack up!

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