April Fool’s

I hope you got somebody good today ;)

Monthly updates are (apparently) where it’s at … for now. I’m currently puttin’ lotsa time and energy into my job. Although my lack of updates might portray the dying of my creative side, I actually don’t feel that’s the case. I still have many ideas up my sleeve, some of which come out into my work and aren’t really shareable :) And sometimes, art is just working through challenges and not stressin’ your life away. So as far as photos go, it’s mostly healthy/yummy food that excites me enough to snap … and a random day off with my long lost and very-much-missed friend …

amanda_affleck_photos_0713 amanda_affleck_photos_0714 amanda_affleck_photos_0715

Mmmm mmmm mmm – I love Leydas.

amanda_affleck_photos_0716 amanda_affleck_photos_0717

I’ve been drooling about the memory of this carrot cake for weeks after. It was so different than other carrot cake … made with pumpkin and carrot (obviously) and some carmalized pumpkin seeds, and the topping was made from goat cheese (tasted nothing like goat cheese, but was way lighter than regular icing).

amanda_affleck_photos_0718 amanda_affleck_photos_0719 amanda_affleck_photos_0720

If I knew I was going to live in Regina for the next 5 years, I’d buy these 2 old buildings and turn them into something delightful! They have so much character and so much potential.

amanda_affleck_photos_0722 amanda_affleck_photos_0723

Sporadic date nights are the greatest.


2 of my favorite items from Dad’s ever – chips made from beans and lemon kombucha!


Oh my word … I found a 1920’s book and I loooved every moment of it. So. Good.


Finallly we had a date at The Hollows. It was lovely.

amanda_affleck_photos_0728 amanda_affleck_photos_0729 amanda_affleck_photos_0730 amanda_affleck_photos_0731

Another weekend at the cabin :) So cozy and relaxing.

amanda_affleck_photos_0732 amanda_affleck_photos_0733

An evening at home home with my roomies … sat by the fire and talked into the wee hours …


Photo Creds: Lizzie

amanda_affleck_photos_0735 amanda_affleck_photos_0736

Artful Dodger is becoming a must-stop every time I visit the queen city.

amanda_affleck_photos_0738 amanda_affleck_photos_0739 amanda_affleck_photos_0740

Cajun Spiced Scallops with Avo on Pita Bread – Mmm Mmmm!



Kale/Beet/Salmon Salad


Sometimes when the sun lowers, it glimmers so nicely that I have to drop everything I’m doing a take a little look …


See? Would you want me to bore you with work photos all the time? Don’t think so :P

amanda_affleck_photos_0727 amanda_affleck_photos_0746

These great chocolate combos deserved a mention – raspberry/Lindt dark chocolate and hot chocolate/peppermint tea.

amanda_affleck_photos_0747 amanda_affleck_photos_0748

Once in awhile, I get to dust off Photoshop and mess around a bit …

amanda_affleck_photos_0752 amanda_affleck_photos_0753

Slow Morning Saturday’s just might be my favorite thing ever …


And Ombre Bacon … whoopsie!


This local fro-yo place is quite delish, just sayin’…


Did you know Co-op has a salad bar where you can throw together your own salad in a matter of minutes? Excellent in a pinch!


Today I was attempting to rust wire with peroxide and salt for a side project! Should be interesting.


And because I promised some baby pics from before … here’s the lovely little doll who is named after an Arabic word for flower. Baby Zahra.

amanda_affleck_photos_0756 amanda_affleck_photos_0757 amanda_affleck_photos_0758 amanda_affleck_photos_0759 amanda_affleck_photos_0760 amanda_affleck_photos_0761 amanda_affleck_photos_0762 amanda_affleck_photos_0763

That’s it schmidt :) Have a good week.


2 thoughts on “April Fool’s

  1. You seem to have a knack for finding cool places to eat! Love the food and girl time shots! …..and, of course, love the wee dolly photos!

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