It’s March

I pretty much didn’t blog in February. I don’t like not blogging – it just happened. Here’s what I’ve been up to.

I hired my mister to build this reception desk/divider out of corrugated steel and pine.

amanda_affleck_photos_0652 amanda_affleck_photos_0651

Attended Saskatoon’s Own Legal Follies – such underrated entertainment, I couldn’t believe the talent :)


Had lunch with this little dolly and her mom ♥

amanda_affleck_photos_0653 amanda_affleck_photos_0654

Celebrated Valentine’s Day … my boyfriend is pretty excellent at making sushi ♥ ♥ ♥

amanda_affleck_photos_0655 amanda_affleck_photos_0656

Took this baby on a few road trips …


Up north to our friend’s cabins ♥


Winter is manageable when you get to just enjoy it, not fight it …

amanda_affleck_photos_0659 amanda_affleck_photos_0660 amanda_affleck_photos_0661

Friendly little visitor :)


Trail Riding with these 2 ♥

amanda_affleck_photos_0663 amanda_affleck_photos_0664 amanda_affleck_photos_0665 amanda_affleck_photos_0666 amanda_affleck_photos_0668 amanda_affleck_photos_0670

I can’t even describe how gorgeous it was out here …

amanda_affleck_photos_0671 amanda_affleck_photos_0672 amanda_affleck_photos_0674 amanda_affleck_photos_0673 amanda_affleck_photos_0675 amanda_affleck_photos_0676


After a few days back at work, I hopped on the plane to see a darling little baby girl fresh out of the oven ♥


More photos comin’ sooooon …

amanda_affleck_photos_0679 amanda_affleck_photos_0680 amanda_affleck_photos_0681 amanda_affleck_photos_0682

One of the Olympic Games :)


Putting Dane to sleep in IKEA :)


Sunday lunch before we hit the road again – Earl’s pear, chicken, brie, spinach sandwich on ciabatta with fig chutney. I tried to re-make this for my family the following weekend but unfortunately some of them are not very experimental when it comes to food!


The chairs we stuffed in the back of the Corona with all our stuff the whole way home from Calgs :P


Le artiste ♥ Doing all the fun jobs that I want to do but don’t have time for :)

amanda_affleck_photos_0687 amanda_affleck_photos_0688

If you’re real attentive you’ll see we erased the MG one – I’ll do pics of the finished version.


Brainstorming for another art project …


Love every chance I get to reunite with this girl ♥

amanda_affleck_photos_0693 amanda_affleck_photos_0692

Spent half the week in the Regina office with hilarious people that write their office memos on chunks of wood …


Got some cuddles in with this squishy little sweetie ♥ ♥



A new and very lovely spot in Regina – the Artful Dodger. Check it out Regina folks! I went twice while I was home.

amanda_affleck_photos_0697 amanda_affleck_photos_0698

Duck Confit Crepe and Tomato Peanut Soup – sooo much flava.


Le Macaroon selfies :)

amanda_affleck_photos_0700 Processed with VSCOcam amanda_affleck_photos_0702

A photo from one of our conductors ♥ Love the trains (but they’re ready for a big clean!)


Competing via iDevices :P


Little sis babysittin’ her butt off …

amanda_affleck_photos_0706 amanda_affleck_photos_0707

Artful Dodger Round 2 with some very awesome people ♥ ♥


An exploration trip to a random basement with antiques that my mom found … so many amazing things. I could’ve bought the whole store if they took more than cash only ;)

amanda_affleck_photos_0709 amanda_affleck_photos_0710

Followed by an insane bookstore that I could spend a whole day at … no organization whatsoever but just books and more books ♥


A home visit isn’t complete without some shop time logged …


All for now ♥


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