New Year’s Eve

Majestic *but frigid* Montreal on the last eve of 2013 …


You’d find us cozied in at the hoity toity XO Restaurant in the St James …

amanda_affleck_photos_0529 amanda_affleck_photos_0530 amanda_affleck_photos_0531amanda_affleck_photos_0532 amanda_affleck_photos_0533 amanda_affleck_photos_0534

Classy live music – I couldn’t help from gazing down at these beauties. Cello, guitar and violin ♥


A little creeper shot for good measure ;)


So. We had 7 courses. 7!!! I’ve never had a 7 course meal in my life … til now. I could vaguely outline what was on each plate was but my descriptions would probably make the waiters want to hide under the table. The portions were so teensy its almost hilarious, but the combinations and flavors were phenomena of their own (for the most part).


This one was an Asian-inspired dish and man, it was a big win.


This was a duck confit plate and I think we all agreed that it was one of the least fav.


This one still makes me drool – it was a lobster ravioli and then another type of fish with some incredible sauuuce.


Oh Dave … !!

amanda_affleck_photos_0542 amanda_affleck_photos_0543

The main – and was it ever a hit! Perfectly cooked venison. We could have had 10 each.


Goat cheese accompanied by fruits and chutneys.


And then a big chunk of chocolate goodness!


And that was that!


The next day we had a brunch at Eggspectation. I didn’t have high hopes for this place but it turned out be quite the menu! I had a smoked salmon benny with capers. I’m on a caper kick.


Next we took a walk-through the famous Notre Dame. It’s quite intricate!

amanda_affleck_photos_0549 amanda_affleck_photos_0550 amanda_affleck_photos_0551

I would like to come back to Montreal in summer. Oh man. I wore layers and layers but the humid coldness just bites through the bones (and we walked everywhere) so it does take away from the experience a little! Can’t complain though :)


More to come ;)


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