One Track Mind

I’m so pun-ny. But it’s true – that’s about how I’ve been the last while. My focus was 100% Mobil Grain – getting our office to a functional state and keeping our trains moving. I shouldn’t say was, it still is – but now I have my helper back :) While he was gone we did a looot of shuffling, I think I counted around 600 railcar movements in a little over a week. I’m boring all you people that don’t care about trains … the long of the short is that it was super hectic. It’s good though, because we are learning a pile and figuring out how we can make the system more efficient!

Sadly, with all that hubub, I neglected my beloved blog. I’m sorry folks. I’m gonna try get back into er! Here’s what I scrounged up on my phone to share with you.

I still have plenty of ideas in my head for this office (displays, art, functionality) but the base level is there. We got the flooring in, walls painted, baseboards on, furniture built! I started the project thinking I could do it all myself but thankfully my parents and little sister came to the rescue and helped a ton.

amanda_affleck_photos_0273 amanda_affleck_photos_0274 amanda_affleck_photos_0275 amanda_affleck_photos_0276

Most of the photos on my phone look like this – haha. Train lists!!! How exciting!


Can you tell I was getting frustrated?? Sometimes learning new software makes a person (ok maybe just an emotional girl) want to cry … especially when it’s in the middle of the night and ya can’t get it to do what ya want!


I was keeping the office a little too hot for Dad’s comfort level :)



Their little pitstop was the highlight of my day ♥


Today, this man waltzed into our office with a package for me, and here it’s flowers!!! Not from my boyfriend either (although he did bring me some poinsettias the other day!) :) My sweet little brother’s girlfriend sent me a bouquet ♥ totally didn’t deserve it, wow.


If you wanna hear another crazy story: a random guy named Ahmed from Egypt found my wallet on the snowy street by my house (I must have dropped it getting out of my car), googled my name, found my blog, and sent me an email. I got everything back in one piece and he would not take a reward. I couldn’t believe my luck…

Ok that’s all for now. Hope everyone has a good weekend and I’ll be posting more often again :)


3 thoughts on “One Track Mind

  1. the set up new office look amazing girl!! and your new specs are lovely!(maybe they’re not new haha), and noooooway about getting your wallet…….love stories like that.

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