Burnin’ Midnight Oil

I feel overwhelmed even just thinking about writing about the past few weeks. This weekend trip home was a good breather, but it’s old news now.

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amanda_affleck_photos_0253 amanda_affleck_photos_0254

I ♥ catchup with friends.

amanda_affleck_photos_0255 amanda_affleck_photos_0256

Cute little chooky :)


Monitors everywhere with the job transition …


Visualizing tracks and stations on one of the railroads :) I actually think my fingers were just itching to make something, even if it was work related.


One day I spent ripping out and rolling up the carpet in our new office.



The next day I’d planned to get the painting done. But life got in the way.


I am so so sad about this. This Buick was a real gem and a steal of a deal! I was thoroughly enjoying driving something that didn’t make noises and even had electric locks… :(


I don’t handle things like crashing very well. I instantly started crying and gave the guy I hit the biggest hug. And for the rest of the day my innards felt quite shakey!

But because we’re all so anxious to get into the new office space, I took a day trip to Edmonton the next day to outfit our office in good ol’ IKEA furnishings. I spent about 6 hours going through the store, figuring out what would look the best and cost the least, gathering it all up (3+ big cart loads), and loading it into the truck. I found out that no matter how exciting it is coming up with a complete office setup, it’s still a big job for one person!


Saturday night I partially unloaded :)


Thanks to my amazing boyfriend we have some nice new flooring :D Yay!


Thanks to little sis and mom we have a fresh coat of paint (almost complete).


And last night I decided we needed a getaway from work and school, so before I tackled my first solo railroad billing (which I botched, btw. soo much more to learn), we had a quick but lovely meal downtown.


Takeout sandwiches from Leyda’s for our Saturday office bee :)


I just remembered that tomorrow I’ll be moving what belongings I have up here, into a home :) September to present has seen me living out of my car/Eston bunkhouse, living with some kind folks outside of Stoon, and now finally into a room I can call my own.

Don’t be surprised if updates continue to peter out at an all-time slow rate. The light at the end of the tunnel hasn’t quite showed up yet :)


One thought on “Burnin’ Midnight Oil

  1. Yikes!! You have been busy!! I really miss chatting with you! It’s been far to long!! Hope everything is going well on all other fronts for you! Your loved from a distance!! Take care!! Xx

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