Lane & Rebecca

Two little monkeys hanging out in a tree ♥

amanda_affleck_photos_0180 amanda_affleck_photos_0181 amanda_affleck_photos_0182 amanda_affleck_photos_0183


We had 3 sweet, very helpful and amazing tag-a-longs with us!

amanda_affleck_photos_0186 amanda_affleck_photos_0185 amanda_affleck_photos_0187 amanda_affleck_photos_0188


Seriously, I couldn’t believe these crazy gaffers. Just hustled up to the top of the bridge in like 500 mile winds and before we knew it, we had a chandelier hanging from it!

amanda_affleck_photos_0189 amanda_affleck_photos_0191 amanda_affleck_photos_0192 amanda_affleck_photos_0194 amanda_affleck_photos_0195 amanda_affleck_photos_0196 amanda_affleck_photos_0193

Chest Bump :D Ha, these 2 have so much energy!

amanda_affleck_photos_0197 amanda_affleck_photos_0198 amanda_affleck_photos_0199 amanda_affleck_photos_0200 amanda_affleck_photos_0201

Some of the crew :)

amanda_affleck_photos_0202 amanda_affleck_photos_0203

This evening couldn’t have been any more beautiful, even though we were shooting in psychotic winds! Wishing these two the best ♥


This time I really do apologize for zero updates. It took me forever to finish editing this shoot and I don’t even feel that amazing about it! I’ve been really taken up with my new job and school and so on. There seems to be a lot going on but it’s all good :) Enjoy your weekend – I plan to spend my Saturday doing nothing but math.


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